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Non-alcoholic cocktails: the best recipes to make at home

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Non-alcoholic cocktails: the best recipes to make at home

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With the arrival of spring and then of summer, non-alcoholic cocktails return to brighten our aperitifs. There are a thousand non-alcoholic fruit or fruitless aperitifs, with tea, soda, ginger beer, kombucha, and many other ingredients. But fear not, we have compiled a practical list for you with the best non-alcoholic cocktails, all straightforward to make, tasty, full of vitamins and minerals. Also great for your children, who can help you cut, squeeze and mash.

You don’t need to be a professional bartender to make them. Still, there is no doubt that to make amazing mocktails you need attention, high-quality ingredients and a juicer or, even better, an extractor. Never use a blender to make juices for non-alcoholic fruit. You would destroy fruit and vegetables’ organoleptic and nutritional properties, and the result would be porridge in the glass.

The blender should be used only for frozen or pina colada style drinks, but not for making juices!

But we have said non-alcoholic cocktails for aperitifs, not squeezed or juices: the difference is considerable. The cocktails have the structure, creativity and dignity of a drink that leaves no room for chance but relies on the play of the proportions of flavors.

The secret to making unforgettable soft drinks

Giving up alcohol is a healthy choice. It avoids excess calories but eliminates much of the flavor from cocktails, so it is necessary to remedy this shortcoming. There is a trick to making excellent alcohol-free aperitifs: creating symphonies of flavor. Don’t be afraid: try mixing ingredients you would never dream of using together. Unplug the hidden power of your vegetables, roots, herbs, rhubarb and all medicinal herbs. Take a tour of the herbalist’s shop and don’t limit yourself to black tea, karkadè or dog rose.

Don’t sleep on spices: turmeric, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, anise, Sichuan pepper are excellent ingredients to give aroma and flavor volume.

Look for flavor chains: celery, cucumber, cumin and apricots are excellent, give rise to an intriguing symphony, but try to balance. Celery and cucumber have a green, fresh flavor, cumin is pungent and reminiscent of fennel, while apricots add fleshiness and sweetness. Balancing is the key.

Sweeteners help make non-alcoholic cocktails unique

Don’t think of sweeteners as vulgar industrial sugar. There are great sugars full of flavor, which you can turn into syrup to work more efficiently, not to mention that it mixes much faster. If you use honey, dissolve it first with the same amount of water to avoid having to shake the cocktails for hours.

If you use agave syrup, you will be able to infuse beautiful scents into cocktails, not as if there were tequila, but this is always a distillate of fermented agave juice so why let’s try it.

Make your syrups at home, such as strawberry, barley fish, elderberry or peach syrup. Just add a spice or an aromatic herb and the flavor takes off. Think of a Bengal pepper and orange syrup. Simple but beautiful with its sharp and intense charm. Use shrubs, which are syrups made with peel, fruit, vinegar, and sugar. Use citrus peels, return to peasant knowledge. Read Artusi’s masterpiece, Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well, and you will find a thousand ideas on syrups, compotes and sorrel (shrub).

Coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water. Coconut is exquisite even without a beach, and each of these ingredients has a particular and unique purpose and use. Experiment without fear.

But let’s get back to flowers and herbs. Bitters are made with flowers and spices placed in infusion to macerate. There isn’t much left if you take away the botanicals from gin. Everything is already present in nature, just pick it up or buy it in herbalist’s shops and farmers’ markets.

Indeed, we don’t have to be the ones to tell you, but you can drink well even without alcohol. Especially when summer arrives, the need to hydrate increases.

Analcoolic Mojito

List of non-alcoholic aperitif cocktails, easy recipes with fruit to make

It is identical to the version with rum, but only that it is more energetic and alcohol-free. Just replace the 4 cl of white rum with 4 cl of excellent green tea. The result is an aromatic and thirst-quenching drink. Especially in summer, it is a pleasure. Here’s how to do it, first of all, the ingredients. 3 cl of lime juice, 6-7 mint leaves, 2 teaspoons of white cane sugar, ice, carbonated water, green tea or Matcha, a few drops of bergamot essence, and half a lime cut into wedges. Squeeze the lime and pour it into a tumbler glass with the sugar, bergamot and mint, mix to dissolve the sugar, add the ice alternating it with the pieces of lime, then the tea and finally the soda. Never crush mint. This drink is excellent for children, they will have fun doing it, but they will also feel very taken seriously and important, drinking a cocktail similar to that of adults.

Shirley Temple

A great classic, one of the first coded non-alcoholic cocktails. Made in honor of the little protagonist of the Wizard of Oz. Nothing special. It’s an excellent way to color and flavor a pungent product like ginger ale. The Shirley Temple recipe is fundamental: fill a glass with ice, pour 3 ml of grenadine (the dose is higher, but it would be madness to increase it), then 10 cl of ginger ale, mix and decorate with a cherry.

Roy Rogers

Here is another sweetish non-alcoholic cocktail made for an actor, this time the legendary Roy. Paradoxically, the actor became famous for his roles as a tough, rocky and gruff cowboy, even though he was a teetotaler. The Roy Rogers cocktail dedicated to Leonard Franklin Slye is not a masterpiece. Very ancient and pachydermic as a conception. 10 cl of cola, 2 cl of lime juice, 2 tablespoons of grenadine, cherry and lime wedge to decorate. Do not use that filth that is coke, but a not too sweet cola.

Arnold Palmer cocktail

One of the most famous non-alcoholic drinks globally, the Arnold Palmer cocktail is a straightforward drink, half made of tea and lemon juice, adding a generous dose of sugar syrup. 9 cl of lemon juice and 9 cl of tea and 3 cl of sugar syrup are shaken in the shaker with ice and then poured into a tumbler with ice and a slice of lemon.

Fizzy Lizzy

Quick and easy, it is a squeeze of fresh and aromatic flavors. Elderberry expands aromatic boundaries, adding incredible floral notes, while strawberry creates poetry. Excellent as a non-alcoholic brunch aperitif or before dinner. Five strawberries, 2 cl of lime juice, 2 cl of elderberry syrup, 4 cl of soda or even ginger beer, 2 mint leaves. Make the strawberry nectar with the extractor. If you don’t have an extractor, put them in a fine sieve and mash until you get the juice. Put the strawberry juice, lemon, elderberry syrup, mint, ice in a shaker, shake, pour into a bowl and add soda or ginger beer.

Lemonade with strawberries and basil

Since we’re talking about strawberries, try this quick and easy aperitif. 7 strawberries each, ½ teaspoon of sugar or 1 cl of syrup even better, 2 cl of lemon, 1 basil leaf and soda. Make the strawberry nectar, put all the ingredients in the shaker (apart from the soda), shake with ice, pour into a glass with ice and add soda.

Non-alcoholic Hugo Spritz

This is a must, even better than the original alcoholic with prosecco. 15 cl of ginger beer, 2 cl of lemon balm syrup, 2 mint leaves and 1 lemon wedge. Put the lemon balm syrup in the glass, add the mint, ice, lemon, stir and then fill with the ginger beer. No Glass for Prosecco Men.

Non-alcoholic cocktail Sturm und Drang

Non-alcoholic fruit aperitif with salt, grapefruit and agave syrup

The Sturm und Drang cocktail is very stylish and sharp, full of aromatic suggestions due to a lot of red fruit and mint. Still, the real protagonist is the agave syrup that invades the glass with unique and balsamic, tropical flavors. Ingredients: 4 strawberries, 4 raspberries, 1 cl of lime or lemon, 4 cl of pink grapefruit juice, 2 cl of agave syrup, 4 mint leaves, a pinch of salt. You can wet the glass and rim the rim with salt if you want. Wash fruit and mint. With the extractor, work strawberries and raspberries, or crush them in a colander. Squeeze the lemon and grapefruit and strain. Pour everything into a shaker full of ice, shake and pour into the glass.

Non-alcoholic fruit aperitif with watermelon, cardamom and cucumber

This drink is a fantastic, refreshing, velvety aperitif full of aromatic suggestions. Thick and never too sweet, it is an excellent cocktail for summer aperitifs. Ingredients: 1 slice of watermelon, 1/2 lime, 2 cm of ginger, 4 pods of cardamom, 1 cl of sugar syrup, 2 slices of cucumber, 2 drops of orange blossom. Cut the watermelon into cubes, 80 grams, remove the seeds and put it in the shaker with the lime juice, ginger, cucumber, cardamom pods and sugar syrup. Mash with a pestle to extract juices and essential oils, filtered and flavored with 2 drops of orange blossom. Add some ice, shake quickly and pour into a cup filtering through a sieve.

Pear Colada Virgin

An interesting twist on the non-alcoholic pina colada is the Pera Colada. Identical, but instead of the usual pineapple, very acid and aromatic, we will use a lovely pear, more round and juicy. In addition, we will add a pinch of cinnamon, the spice created to match the pear. Ingredients: 1 pear, 3 cl of coconut cream, crushed ice, 1.5 cl of freshly squeezed lime, sprinkled with cinnamon. Cut the pear, remove the core, but do not peel it. Obviously, it must be organic fruit, so you will also eat the peel, where all the flavor is. Put all the ingredients in the blender, blend for 15-20 seconds and pour into a Hurricane glass filled with ice. The dose of crushed ice is 80 grams, no more, or it becomes a frozen drink.

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