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Tenuta Bonzara winery

Tenuta Bonzara winery tasting and information: wine tours in the Colli Bolognesi The power of nature We visited the Tenuta Bonzara winery in March, when the snow still covered the hills of Monte San Pietro: the landscape was simply wonderful. At 450 meters above the sea level, in the heart of the Apennines of Bologna, the Bonzara estate stands alone on the top of a hill surrounded by woods and vines. So immersed in nature, it’s hard to imagine that Bologna is only a half hour of drive away.

To welcome us there was Franscesco Lambertini, owner of the estate Bonzara since the late 70s, when he inherited the winery from his father. The family has owned this land since the early 1900 and has always took care of it, cultivating native grapes and Cabernet Sauvignon. The bond with the land, the tradition, the pride of being one of the most important wineries in the Colli Bolognesi DOC are reflected in the intensity of the wines, the winery’s elegance and splendor of the barrel room.

Philosophy of the Tenuta Bonzara winery

Monte San Pietro, farm holydays near Bologna, countryside. Wine holidays. king of the hill A short distance from the cellar the most pleasant surprise: a sea of vineyards that, from the top of the hill, goes down like a waterfall, clinging to the rocks.The position has a constant ventilation, thanks to which the chemical treatments are minimized, so that in the vineyard has has been adopted an environmental-friendly strategy of integrated pest management.

The vine are pruned to the Guyot system and have an average age of 20-30 years. In the vineyard we can find the utmost rigor: incredible short pruning and thinning of the bunches to have few, but excellent grapes.

Style of the wines

Monte San Pietro Bologna. Colli Bolognesi wine tour, walks and guide to the wine The barrel room is a magic place The tendency is to produce supple wines with intense concentration and a lot of shades: both the thermal excursion and a limestone soil infuse great elegance and thickness to the wines. The must drink bottles of the estate Bonzara are Pignoletto “Vigna Vecchia” and the Cabernet Sauvignon called “Bonzarone”, two of the most representative grapes of the ​Colli Bolognesi.

Why should you visit the estate Bonzara?

First of all because it is one of the oldest wineries in the Colli Bolognesi DOC and then for the passion with which Francesco Lambertini leads the cellar: the small peasant history museum housed in the former stables, the restaurant that offers great Emilia Romagna food and recipes. Everything is part of a project of territoriality, aimed at enhancing the area of ​​the Colli Bolognesi, with a keen sensitivity to the environment, as evidenced by the massive photo-voltaic system that powers the farm.

Colli Bolognesi DOC Cabernet Sauvignon, “Bonzarone” 2009

This Cabernet Sauvignon has made the history of the Colli Bolognesi and also the 2009 vintage is in great shape. It seduces with blueberries in alcohol, cedar, plum jam, gusts of pepper and juniper that alternate with delicate hints of sweet spices and alpine herbs. If the nose is typical and sumptuous in the mouth is even better, thanks to a powerful structure, dominated by tannins that take place slowly, in spite of an exceptional concentration. The balance is already good, with refined acidity and minerality, but with 7-8 years of aging it will become beautiful. Long finish with coffee, licorice and a return of withered violets. A Cabernet Sauvignon that goes well with T-bone steak, pot roast, Peking duck, lamb chops crusted with pistachios.

Colli Bolognesi Classico DOC Pignoletto, “Vigna Vecchia” 2011

Pan fried sea scallops from the Isle of Skye. Which wine? A flowery Pignoletto. A glass of Pignoletto and a Gordon Ramsay's dish Intense straw color. The nose is a riot of flowers and mineral notes: lily, acacia, chalk, broom, thyme, wisteria, fern. The yellow fruit and almonds do the rest, giving the bouquet a refined complexity. The palate is vibrant, very fresh, but beautifully round, with savory notes that run through all the wine, making it structured and sumptuous. Perfect balance for a wine already mature, pair this beauty with a great Gordon Ramsey’s recipe: scallops with crispy bacon, quail eggs and pea velouté.

Colli Bolognesi DOC Merlot, “Rocca di Bonacciara” 2009

The wine that surprised us most. A Merlot with a sumptuous nose, where soft notes of plum, bay leaves, herbs, olives, blackberries, cola, rhubarb are interwined to paint a lovely picture. In the mouth it is bulky, hot, crossed by mineral notes that assume different flavors such as tea, mint, tobacco, yet it’s still very drinkable, soft. The tannins are already carried out, the balance is remarkable. A Merlot born to match pappardelle with hare sauce, braised beef with juniper, cheeseburger, Korean BBQ pulled pork tacos.

Colli Bolognesi Superiore Sauvignon “Le Carrate” 2011

Crab salad. Which wine goes well with crab, lobster and clams? A rich Sauvignon Crab salad & a fragrant Sauvignon Bright yellow colour. The nose is very clean, typical: herbs, grapefruit, hay, lime. In the mouth is flowing freshly, with intense sensations that tickle the tongue. Rounded, balanced between thickness and depth, it’s a Sauvignon that can be paired with many fish dishes: linguine with sea urchin, gnocchi with ricotta cheese, sushi.

Colli Bolognesi Merlot “Rosso del Palazzo” 2011

Ruby. Rich and spectacular nose dominated by notes of red berries, plum, herbs, tobacco surrounded by flowery hints. In the mouth it’s supple, with traces of saltiness, plump tannins and an excellent drinkability. Good body and grace perfectly blended for a Merlot good for a rich lasagna alla bolognese

Colli Bolognesi Cabernet Sauvignon “Rosso del Borgo” 2011

Tagliatelle bolognese paired a supple Cabernet Sauvignon: perfect pasta pairing! Tagliatelle and Cabernet Sauvignon are the perfect pairing Intense ruby. Very dynamic nose that reveals a sequence of small red fruits, pine resins, chocolate, cedar, to close with elegant hints of mint and pepper. If the nose is elegant and very typical, the palate is pleasant too: balanced with vibrant tannins and zippy finish. Cabernet calls goulash, beef curry, noodles with beef and black beans.

U Pasa” 2010

Foie gras. Which wine goes well with foie gras? A late harvest Sauvignon Blanc. The intensity of foie gras is well suited for the sweetness of this Sauvignon We want to close the Bonzara wine tasting with a late harvest Sauvignon Blanc. The bouquet is elegant, sharp, with floral sensations that dictate a rapid pace. Candied orange peel, apple, ginger, gingerbread, white pepper, broom, acacia, dried figs and dates with a spicy undertone. In the mouth we have a sound freshness that supports unflinchingly all these suggestions, making the vine extremely fine and persistent. A sweet wine to match with blue cheeses such as Stilton, pecorino di Moliterno, but also great with peach cheesecake.

If you want to buy the wines of the Tenuta Bonzara winery or visit its marvelous vineyards:
email: [email protected]
Phone: 051 6768324
How to reach Tenuta Bonzara: via S. Chierlo, 37 / A, Monte San Pietro, Bologna, Italy
Hectares planted: 15
Bottles produced: 70000
Winemaker: Lorenzo Landi and Walter Iannini
Visits to the winery, tasting room, direct sale and restaurant.
If you want to take a wine tour in the hills around Bologna, the Tenuta Bonzara winery offers six apartments immersed in the vines.

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