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Corte Madonnina farm holidays

Corte Madonnina farm holidays in Ferrara, Pomposa Abbey visit Wine and history Established in 1988, the farm Corte Madonnina, is located in one of the most scenic areas of Emilia Romagna: Bosco Eliceo. We are inside the Parco Regionale Delta del Po, a magical place, characterized by sand dunes, oak forests, valleys and salt marshes.

The vineyards play an important role here, not only because they are among the few that survived the phylloxera plague, but also for its proximity to the Abbey of Pomposa, one of the most impressive Romanesque church of the Italian artistic heritage. Watching the green leaves surround the ancient abbey, built in the ninth century, is amazing: art and nature coexist creating a wonderful picture. And if we add to this the traditional dishes of Ferrara that can be tasted in the restaurant, accompanied by a good glass of wine of the Bosco Eliceo DOC, the experience is priceless.

Philosophy and style of the wines

Fortana bounces, the wines of the sands. A vineyard that survived the phylloxera Fortana's clusters The production is small and artisanal and the 11 hectares of land are devoted to historical grapes of the DOC Bosco Eliceo, such as Fortana Russiola, Trebbiano, Malvasia and Sauvignon. The wines are smooth, classic, interpreted with originality and a good technique, but without losing sight of the uniqueness that characterizes the famous wines of the sands: freshness, drinkability and intensity of scents are the words with which it’s natural to describe the wines of the Corte Madonnina winery.

Why you should visit the Corte Madonnina farm

To sit a few steps from a thousands of years old building of breathtaking beauty as the Pomposa Abbey, sipping a white wine del Bosco, accompanied by a plate of pumpkin tortelli.

Fortana Del Bosco Eliceo DOC Sparkling

Pumpkin cappellacci. The right wine to pair with pumpkin is Fortana, DOC Eliceo Cappellacci & Fortana: the perfect pairing Ruby robe. The nose is peppery, with intriguing notes of raspberries and blackberries. In the mouth we can find the characteristic liveliness of Fortana: it is fresh, smooth, but well supported by soft tannins and tantalizing bubbles. A red to pair with grilled eel, salami, salama da sugo.

Fortana Del Bosco Eliceo DOC

Ruby. It offers a lovely bouquet where small red fruits are interspersed with juniper and cocoa, creating an elegant framework. The palate is tight, clean, with excellent balance between flavor and acidity. Drinkability at the highest level for a red wine to pair with the great Ferrara cuisine: salama da sugo, eel stew, macaroni and cheese, ham, goose.

Del Bosco Merlot DOC Eliceo

Pappardelle with wild hare ragout. Which wine should we pair? A velvety Merlot. Choose a Merlot for your pappardelle with wild hare ragout The nose is clean and rich with blueberry, plum, elderberry and popping violets. The palate is warm and spacious, well finished with freshness and flavor to keep the wine charming. Balanced tannins. Let’s pair this velvety Merlot with lamb chops, boiled meats, cheeses, wild boar shank.

White Del Bosco Eliceo DOC Sparkling

A white sparkling fermented in the bottle, made from Trebbiano, Malvasia and Sauvignon. Straw color, delicate bouquet with lots of flowers, peach and mineral return. In the mouth seduces with freshness, fineness and lightness of body. As an appetizer, delicious with baked fish and pasta with pesto.

Sauvignon del Bosco Eliceo DOC

Seafood crepe with spring onions. Which wine shall we pair? A salty Sauvignon Sauvignon is the right wine for a couple of seafood crepes Bright straw color. The aromatic content is broad and fine: herbs, peaches, tropical fruit, citrus and flowers. In the mouth it’s sharp and supple, consistent with the nose, with savory finish and good balance between acidity and roundness. A Sauvignon to match with ricotta gnocchi, seafood salad, vegetable omelettes.

Rosato Frizzante, Emilia IGT

Bright coral color. A perfect wine as an aperitif or throughout the meal, thanks to its intense freshness. Delicate nose with iris, pomegranate and red currant. The mouth is slender, fine and clean. A perfect pink wine for fried fish and chicken.

Russiola, Rosato IGT Emilia

An ancient vine virtually disappeared. It was once famous for being grown near Comacchio. Its excellent acidity makes it suitable for the rich dishes from Ferrara: grilled eel, fried eel, cold cuts.

Grappa di Fortana

Single grape brandy distilled from fresh grapes of Fortana.

If you want to buy the wines from the winery-farm Corte Madonnina or visit the vineyards and then enjoy a delicious plate of pumpkin ravioli, contact Ms Rita:
email: [email protected]
Phone: 0533 719002
How to reach the cellar Corte Madonnina: Location for Flywheel 1, 44021, Pomposa, Codigoro, Ferrara
Bottles produced: 50000
Hectares planted: 11

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