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Tamellini winery

Garganega vineyards. Visit the cellar and walks through the vineyards of Soave. 26 hectares in the hills of Soave, all planted with Garganega: this is the reality of Tamellini cellar, a place where tradition, passion for their land and history come together to give birth to a beautiful landscape, but above all with great wines.

Since the time of the Gauls and the Romans the hills around Soave are considered a highly suitable area, thanks to the peculiar composition of volcanic origin soil and mild climate, cooled by currents coming from Lake Garda.

Philosophy of Tamellini cellar

The winery dates back to 1998, but the experience of home Tamellini, given that they grow vines for three generations. What amazes the Tamellini cellar is the serenity with which you work, the mix between tradition and desire to elevate the Garganega to take it at the highest level, so that the Garganega is the only variety grown.

The treatments are virtually absent due to ideal conditions and with careful management of the vineyard that regulates itself according to the rhythms of nature, but that does not obviate the attentive care of Gaetano and Piocesare. Each type of fertilizer was banned and for wine aging is only chose steel, to keep pure wines, crisp and free of any contamination.

Style of Tamellini wines

The wines reflect the terroir Tamellini Soave, expressing bottomless depth and subtle elegance that is articulated through states of layers of minerality. The fruit is intense, fleshy, but always sharp. The quality/price ratio has few equals.

Why you should visit the winery Tamellini?

For the passion and the sensitivity with which the Tamellini are dedicated solely to Gargnega: if you want to discover the taste of Soave and Recioto, take a leap into the cellar. After a visit and wine do not miss the historic center of Soave, where stands the Castle Scaligero

Soave Classico Le Bine De Costiola 2011

Gorgeous dress shimmering golden. Nose fireworks, rock, blooming slowly with lily of the valley, jasmine, sage, ripe peach and return of exotic fruits, all framed by mineral notes. In the mouth it is round, full, in perfect balance between a lively freshness and taste fine. Final warm, very long with citrus fruits in the foreground and touches of pepper.

Method Classico 2009

Is possible to produce a sparkling wine from Garganega grapes? Of course, and the result is a small masterpiece of refinement, with classic varietal aromas enhanced by 36 months of yeast contact. Crusty bread, hazelnuts and butter blend in lemon returns and peaches. agile mouth, precise, creamy, with great extension savory and wonderful drinkability that play between freshness and rigor. A sparkling wine to match with tataki tuna with sesame and soy sauce, Parmesan flan with asparagus.

Recioto di Soave

From the best, dried, Garganega grapes. Antique gold tending to amber. It opens with delicious ripe peach, dried apricots, wildflower honey, dried figs, all wrapped very elegant balsamic. The palate is dense and sweet, with good freshness to make balanced sip, elegant, never pleased. Flavor in sweet contrast. Great aging potential.

White Soave DOC 2012

Bright gold. The nose offers a graceful sequence of wisteria, boxwood, yellow flowers and ripe fruit slowly maturing on the background of aromatic herbs, marine notes and refined mineral recalls. The palate is enveloping, multifaceted, always savory and refreshed by an acidity that tastes like lime and orange peel. Balance, elegance and typicality are the watchwords for this Garganega to combine with risotto with scampi, spaghetti with clams.

If you want to buy the wines from the cellar or Tamellini book your tasting of Garganega and Recioto di Soave, contact Gaetano.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 045 7675328
How to reach the cellar Tamellini: Location Costeggiola, via Tamellini 4, Soave, Verona
Planted hectares: 26
Winemaker: Paolo Caciorgna

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