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Martin Teusch winery

Wines, information, philosophy and review about Martin Teusch's winery Nature! Martin Teutsch’s winery is a small, beautiful “maso” nestled on the hills of Cortina. All around the vineyards rise the Dolomites with their snowy peaks framing the green woods. The vineyards extend for 3 and a half acres, set in this little paradise.

Philosophy of the winery Martin Teutsch

Tasting and cellar tour of the best South Tyrol wineries. Cellar barrel room Barrel room! It is a classic family-run winery and the production is about 15,000 bottles, all cured personally by Martin Teutsch, a very scrupulous and proud winemaker, that put quality first of all. In the vineyard, also in the steepest slopes, everything is made by hand: pruning, harvest, it’s like a garden but with some delicious grapes!

The soils are a mixture of clay and limestone and with this alternation you have an ideal conditions for fruity, elegant, sharp wines full of nuances, but never aggressive or too bold.

The thermal excursion is very high and this is perhaps the aspect that most influence the grapes, giving a load of scents and flavors to the bounches. The rest is what we call terroir, what man can give to his land with his sensitivity and the tradition that comes from generations of farmers, who have never left this earth.

Style of the wines of Martin Teutsch

In these bottles you’ll find balance, precision and very intense aromas. As often for the best South Tyrolean winery, Martin’s wines are graceful and full of nuances, but they have a flexible structure, which prefers the finesse and aims to enhance the (minerality) terroir of Salorno.

Why you should visit the winery Martin Teutsch?

Trentino Alto Adige vineyards. Lagrein, Schiava, Pinot Grigio wines and winery Martin in action The cellar is a little gem, a lovely place and it reflects the strong and solar spirit of the landlord. A nice snack of Speck and Schiava wine, a walk through the vineyards and then off to climb a few mountains, of which Martin knows every trails in the area.

Pinot Grigio DOC

Pizza with bacon. Which wine to match? Try a Slave fresh and tasty! Schiava and pizza are great friends! Elegance is the watchword. Straw color. The nose is a garden in bloom with lime, daisy, honey and exotic fruits woven together. At the taste is juicy, expressive, with a great pace and a delicious super mineral finish. Suggested pairings: bream with potatoes, risotto shrimp and zucchini, spring rolls.

Gewurztraminer DOC

Intense golden color. Sumptuous nose that opens with elegance: tropical fruit, white pepper, panettone (really? Yeahh!), raisins, roses and golden flowers. In the mouth it’s tasty and fills the mouth with round flavors and spices. Balance and richness are dosed with great precision. Suggested pairings: orange duck, pasta with pesto, risotto alla Milanese, dumplings with melted butter.

Merlot DOC

A great wine: simple as that. Garnet color. It opens with a sequence of currant, cherry, sweet spices and cocoa puffs. In the background you can smell wood, juniper and dried flowers under the moonlight. The mouth is wide and smooth, refined by a soft barrel aging, direct as aromatic expression typical of a good Merlot. A lot of balance and soft, but steady tannins. Suggested food pairings: game, gnocchi with ragù.

Lagrein DOC

Ruby red for one of the best Lagrein of all South Tyrol. Rich nose of small red berries, moss, withered violets, pepper and cherry liqueur. A very well designed wine with plenty of spices, character and roundness. The palate offers so much, a lot of stuff: it’s a very solid and juicy wine with rocky tannins, freshness and flavor in good balance. A very typical Lagrein, which is not afraid of the passing of time: 5 years from now it’ll be perfect. Suggested food pairings: tagliatelle with meat sauce, sliced ​​beef with rosemary and salt.

Cabernet Sauvignon DOC
Nose of good elegance with all the typical Cabernet’s aromas, starting with a intriguing handful of blueberries in alcohol. It slowly opens up with notes of pepper, undergrowth, ripe cherries and a final cocoa and coffee race. The mouth moves well between alcohol and tannin with grace. Suggested food pairings: wild boar stew, brisket, smoked beef ribs.

Schiava DOC
A classic wine from Alto Adige. Ruby red. Delicate nose with geranium, almonds, red currant and iris. Everything is played very softly, so delicate, titillating. In the mouth is snappy, fresh with savory notes that give rhythm to the wine. Perfect for a plate of bacon, cheese and black bread.

If you want to buy wines from the cellar of Martin Teutsch or take a walk in his beautiful vineyards in Salorno, contact Martin Teutsch. Discounts and special offers for Wine Dharma readers-associated.
Phone 039 0471 817566
Mail: [email protected]
How to reach the winery Martin Teutsch: Via Verdi 1, 39040 Cortina, Bolzano
Bottles: 15000

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