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Diavoletto Winery

Tasting notes, history and philosophy of Diavoletto winery, Bertinoro, Italy Ecstasy in the vineyard Diavoletto winery is one of those wineries whose Romagna can be proud: a small artisanal winery where the main ingredients are tradition and passion. Each bottle is considered sacred and has its own story to tell, and is personally supervised by the expert hands of the Girardi family.

This young and dynamic company, rewarded and recognized nationally, focuses his attention on the task of making high quality wine with a soul, a blend of technical manuals and experiences of winemakers who have been growing grapes for three generations.

Farm in the hills of Bertinoro, the best Italian wine holidays. Wine Hotel. Un piccolo angolo di Paradiso The winery is a small jewel in the area of ​​Bertinoro, a lovely land full of green hills and peach trees. Bertinoro regarded as one of the oldest and best cru in Italy and is known since the Roman times, in fact Bertinoro means, I should like to drink you in gold (cup) or that was the exclamation of princess Galla Placidia, the first time she drank a glass of Albana.

Bertinoro hills, vineyards, what to do in Bertinoro. Walking in the vineyards. The view you can enjoy from the hill of the estate is nothing short of mystical But let history aside for a moment and let’s enjoy the view from these magic hills: it is magnificent, on one hand you can see the Fortress of Bertinoro and on the other side the sea in the distance.

The care for the vineyard is maniacal and respectful of a natural balance between man and vines, the first time you visit this winery it’s like stepping into a luxuriant garden, where everything is perfect, green and finely done by hand, even the harvest, made in small boxes.

Albana and Sangiovese wine tasting, Bertinoro wines. Book you tasting! Sangiovese protagonista, ma è in arrivo anche la nuova Albana Sangiovese is the undisputed king of the hill, with three versions. The style of Diavoletto’s wines is marked by territoriality, you can find here mineral wines characterized by elegance and depth, with lively fragrances.The barrel aging in wood is soft, slow and long, and it only serves to make the wine smooth and does not cover the smells. When the wines are perfect they come out of the cellar, not a single minute before. The quality/price ratio is exceptional.

Primipassi, Forli IGT Sangiovese 2010

Spicy Chinese noodles food pairings. What wine? Sangiovese of course! A classic Sangiovese: clean, velvety and above all easy to drink. Ruby red, with garnet shades. The bouquet is sharp, graceful, of a lively intensity: seduces with berries in alcohol and a cascade of cherries, mint, tea leaves. The palate is smooth, supported by a freshness that fades in violets and iris. Well balanced with nice tannin that gives personality to the wine. Balanced with a long rhubarb finish. A perfect every day wine. Suggested food pairings: tagliatelle with meat sauce, beef curry, but also perfect for grilled bluefish.

A.mare, Forli IGT Sangiovese 2010

Braised beef and red wine. What wine to pair? A rocky Sangiovese di Romagna. For sumptuous dishes such as roasted beef, choose a rocky Sangiovese Let’s continue our journey into Sangiovese, but take it up a notch with a super earthy Sangiovese: just close your eyes and dip your nose into this silent wood: mushrooms, pencil lead, ferns. Then comes the fruity side: plums, black cherries and blackberry jam, all embellished with delicate spicy notes. If the nose is developed and complex in the mouth surprises for elegance and harmony. Crisp freshness, incredibly juicy flavor with notes of iodine and seaweed that come from the sea. The tannins are firm but gentle. Good balance and enveloping persistence. Aged in French oak for 70% of the mass. Suggested food pairings: lasagna bolognese, roast beef, braised duck, aged cheese, roasted pigeon with figs.

Satirello, Forli IGT Sangiovese 2010

Tagliatelle al tartufo. Cosa abbinare ai piatti di tartufo? Sangiovese Satirello Tagliatelle al tartufo e Satirello: un peccato di gola We finally reached the summit. The satyr, as the name remember, is the pursuit of pleasure, pure sensuality. The color is hypnotic, but it is in the refined symphony of scents that it finds its culmination: cherries, blackberries, blueberries jam, puffs with chocolate and coffee notes of eucalyptus, mint, licorice. Everything is fine, beautifully articulated in a sequence that leaves no room for any error. The taste is warm and massive, with good balance and gasps of minerality that make the wine deep and intriguing. Already mature, but with a few more years we will have an gorgeous evolution. 12 months in barriques. Suggested food pairings: roast rabbit with truffles, deer fillet with blueberries.

If you want to buy the wines of the Diavoletto winery or visit the winery, please contact Maximilian Girardi. Discounts and special offers for readers or Wine Dharma associated.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 039 331 4286558
Where is Diavoletto estate: via Tombetta 298, Bertinoro, Forlì-Cesena
Planted hecateres: 7.4
Bottles: 10000
Winemaker: Giovanni Brighi
Tasting room, wine B&B, direct sale

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