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Guide to Italy's best wineries in Trentino Alto Adige: Redondel winery

Guide to Italy's best wineries in Trentino Alto Adige: Redondel winery Redondel, where Teroldego is at home because in this small winery in the center of Mezzolombardo you can find on of the best Teroldego of all Italy. Sheer dedication to a vine that accompanies the Zanini family since the last century: already the grandfather of Paolo Zanini produced and exported Teroldego to Austria since when Trent was still under the Habsburg crown. Today Paolo carries the inheritance, which has turned into a “Teroldego mission” that goes beyond being a conscientious winemaker.

All these results in a continuous search, starting from aging in wood, which provides large barrels and used barriques, although in the future there will be a transition to large casks, less intrusive: the wood must be a stimulus and not a flavor.

How to Visit the cellars of Teroldego, Campo Rotaliano. Trento. Teroldego wine Another key issue is the relationship of Paolo with his own vineyards. Joe and I reach the cellar at 5 o’clock pm, exhausted by a tour de force started at 9 am. Yet after calling only 10 minutes before, Mara invites us to reach the cellar. We were greeted warmly, we wandered around the winery, we asked and put our noses into the barrels as two pilgrims arrived at a safe haven. We were on the verge of leaving when Paul said, “Now let’s see the vines, jump in the car and go!”

Paul has developed a remarkable sensitivity, he entered into empathy with his vines, ever seen such a relationship, so that walking among the rows with him seems to be in the company of a vine’s shepherd, a druid: he observes, listens and can even feel the pulse of the plants and these seem to respond to his touch.

Piana Rotaliana. Vineyard paths and walks through the vineyards and the Dolomite After the walk around Campo Rotaliano we came back to the cellar and discussed among glasses of delicious wines until 10 o’clock, then on the advice of Mara, wife, and muse of Paul—and administrator of the cellar—we decide to try the restaurant Old Sorni. Needless to say, horseradish dumplings with mushrooms and venison stew with cranberries, paired with Beato Teroldego are something you can’t describe, but only hope never fade away from your palate.

The purpose of this great winemaker is to not alter the flavors of the land, of Piana Rotaliana, a small oasis embraced by the mountains, where the vineyards are protected from winter’s cold and enjoy particularly favorable conditions. The winemaker’s job is to interpret and nurse his vineyards.

Why you should visit the winery in Redondel Piana Rotaliana?

It is not just an experience that every wine lover should do, it’s not so easy to find a real, genuine person like Paolo and so much love for this glorious Italian wine. The wines speak the language of nature, are pure, they make you think that the definition of “Gold of Tyrol” is more than deserved.

Assolto, Teroldego DOC Rosato

How to visit the best Italian vineries in Trentino Alto Adige, Teroldego wine Leave the word to the gardener: Assolto… my idea of ​pink ​wine. The crushed grapes stay only a few hours in contact with the wine. Sharp scents of strawberry, red and pink petals come from the glass. Moderate alcohol content, always fresh and nimble, good balance and soft finish.

Dannato, Teroldego DOC

We have a sharp Teroldego, juicy, a bit ‘nervous with impetuous notes of raspberries, violets, cherries emerging mixed with sweet spices. Everything is dense, well-calibrated and ends in a persistent finish. A red to match with tenderloin crusted with pistachios or pasta with truffles.

Beato, Teroldego IGT Delle Dolomiti

Awesome wine, one of the best you can find in Trentino Alto Adige. It is a symphony, there are some edges to smooth, it is true, but the intensity of the flavors, the fineness of the structure and the ardor of the tannins are amazing. Cocoa, coffee, tamarind running wild, on the palate is dense, with notes of anise that illuminate the flow of red fruits. The balance is perfect, punctuated by fine tannins, from the absurd persistence with savory echoes of tea, juniper, earth, moss and bitter orange. It needs at least four hours to open up, but once it has taken off it’s a rainbow of emotions.

To book a wine tasting or visit Redondel winery, please contact Miss Mara.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0461 605861
How to reach the Redondel cellar: via Roma 28, 38017, Mezzolombardo, Trento
Planted hectares: 3
Produced bottles: 10000
Winemaker: Paolo Zanini

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