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DharMag May 2017 Raboso Colfondo Casa Belfi 2015: the ultimate picnic wine?

Raboso Colfondo Casa Belfi 2015 tasting notes, comment price and flavors This Raboso Colfondo made by Casa Belfi is a wine dedicated to all those who believe that Raboso is a punch in your face wine.

This Raboso Colfondo is an old fashioned wine, a farmer’s wine that dares to not be perfect, but without compromise or any veils.

This Raboso is a simple, direct wine, which can enchant the palate with its naturalness. It’s born from a carbonic maceration, yes, yes, exactly, the same way to make Beaujolais Nouveau, but then ferment thanks to its yeasts and reborn as a phoenix.

This Raboso is a perfect wine for your picnics and you can (have!) to serve it well refrigerated: 12 °C are perfect!

It’s sparkling, tannic, gracefully fruity but never crumpled, with well-governed, yet gritty, sapidity and freshness.

Bouquet of the Raboso colfondo of Casa Belfi

The bouquet is simple, direct, sensual and full, fleshy, with lots of berries, plums, geranium petals and irises, mulberries and sweet spices. It does not have too ripe tones, just a fabulous freshness, we do not want to say “joie de vivre”, but almost.

The flavors of Raboso Colfondo of Casa Belfi

A rocky mouth, tense, brazen, but never crabbed. The saltiness is a nice, lively effervescence in the background to give a good rhythm. Light body, good persistence, spicy finish.

Casa Belfi’s Raboso Colfondo food pairings

It is the quintessence of convivial wine: perfect with salami, burger, sandwich club, grilled sausages, piadina with and Parma ham, cold pasta, pulled pork.


Is it the ultimate picnic wine?
Yes indeed! Forget about Prosecco, there’s a new sheriff in town!

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