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DharMag March 2016 Vodka Martini cocktail recipe: how to make the perfect vodka drink

Vodka Martini cocktail recipe, cocktail with vodka dry vermouth lemon peel. Vodka Martini, also called Vodkatini, is the cocktail par excellence, the one drunk by the great writers of the early 1900s like Hemingway and Fitzgerald, the one made famous by James Bond, who wanted a Vodka Martini shaken not stirred. In short, it’s a cocktail that has bewitched the world from the moment in which it was mixed.

But why this pale Vodkatini is so popular? We are talking about vodka and dry vermouth mixed and then poured in a glass with a lemon rind, nothing exotic, nothing difficult.

The answer is crystal clear as this fantastic drink: its simplicity. And remember that this rule applies to the majority of cocktails: find the perfect balance of a few well-chosen ingredients and you will have a great drink.

It is a cocktail with a precise flavor, stylish, runs smooth and neat through the palate, but never too bold: to make it short it’s the perfect aperitif.

Vodka has a neutral flavor and only serves to reinforce the delicate herbal flavor of vermouth and the lemon zest, which must be crushed to release the essential oils, adds a delicious breath of aromas.

That’s all for today, there are no secrets for making the perfect Vodka Martini perfect, just follow the doses and remember the lemon peel and don’t put olives inside, put them on a plate as snack, but not inside. And once you have practiced a couple of drinks, start changing the doses of vermouth to find the flavor you like more!

But Beware, though it is easy to drink the Vodkatini has a high alcohol content, so do not overdo.

Ah, the last thing, Vodka Martini is the brightest son of Dry Martini, the big daddy, made with gin.

Vodka Martini cocktail ingredients

Martini glass

How to make the perfect Vodka Martini cocktail (Vodkatini)

Chill a Martini glass with 3 ice cubes for a few minutes, then throw the ice away.

Mix gently vodka and dry vermouth in a mixing glass with ice and pour into the glass, straining.

Take a lemon peel and twist it all over the cocktail to add the finishing touch.

Be ready to taste a sip of history.

Vodka Martini food pairings

Vodkatini is not afraid to fight with spicy and even meat dishes: try it with lemon chicken, rabbit terrine, grilled turkey, eggplant rolls, flank steak, cheeseburger.

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