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Wine Dharma

DharMag June 2016 Pino cocktail: the new sparkling drink that will conquer the world

Pino cocktail recipe, sparkling cocktail with spumante Bénédictine gin Angostura Pino is a new generation cocktail, a sparkling with an incredible, almost fortuitous, birth. But we know that many cocktails, such as Negroni Sbagliato, were born from errors and then became immortal.

The Pino cocktail is still very young, but alive and kicking when comes the time of the aperitif: it is lively and fragrant, crisp and stylish in its aromatic boldness. In fact, as ingredients we have used a full bodied spumante metodo classico (the Italian Champagne), which is flanked by a drop of gin and a reminder of Bénédictine to embellish the drink.

And it is Benedictine, this mythical amber elixir to make the Pino cocktail scintillating and kaleidoscopic with its delicious scents ranging from saffron and honey to walnuts.

The result is an unique cocktail, is not a Spritz, is not so casual, but is more structured and complex.

One advice: do not use Prosecco or a simple sparkling wine, but only spumante metodo classico or Champagne, as body and minerality are the backbone of the cocktail, on which to build the scents symphony.

Pino cocktail ingredients

  • 8 cl of spumante metodo classico or Champagne
  • 1 cl Bénédictine
  • 1 drop of Angostura
  • 0.5 cl of gin
  • soda
  • slice of lime
  • mint leaves to decorate

How to make the Pino cocktail

Fill a glass with ice and put inside a slice of lime.

Pour a drop of Angostura, Benedictine and gin.

Add 8 cl of spumante metodo classico and a dash of soda to fill up the glass, put a straw and stir gently.

Pino cocktail, summer drink with Champagne gin lime mint Bénédictine, recipe Decorate with a mint sprig and serve the cocktail.

Pairing cocktail Pino with food

The Pino drink is the protagonist of each brunch, party or elegant dinner, here are some dishes to match: pasta with salmon and ginger, Buffalo wings, mixed paella, orange chicken, salt crusted sea bass, panzanella, grilled/fried chicken, fish balls, spaghetti with clams.

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