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DharMag January 2020 Say My Name drink recipe: a new Valentine's Day cocktail with tequila, passion fruit, bergamot and saffron

Say My Name drink recipe a new Valentine's Day cocktail with tequila, passion The new Valentine’s Day cocktail that we offer is a mixture of aromas and flavors that start from Mexico, stop for a moment in Calabria to take a couple of bergamots, to get to the Middle East. It is a mystical journey through mysterious, delicate flavors, which turn into an aperitif that will make you spend an unrepeatable Valentine’s Day. Even if you are single or do not care about love, try it, it could be your lucky charm.

The ** ingredients of the Say My Name ** cocktail are tequila, passion fruit, bergamot, saffron and a final teaspoon of honey to smooth the edges.

You can serve it as a Daiquiri-style aperitif or even during fancy fish dinners, but also as after dinner is not bad. The alcohol content is medium, not too demanding, quite the opposite. However, remember to always drink with moderation.

Ingredients and doses to make the Say My Name cocktail

  • 4 cl of tequila reposado
  • 1/2 passion fruit
  • 2 cl of bergamot juice
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 2 saffron pistils

How to make the Say My Name cocktail

Nothing difficult, just be sure to use fresh, good quality ingredients.

Before making the cocktail, you have to prepare the saffron honey mix, useful to prepare in advance if you have to make lots of cocktails. Mix honey and water in equal parts, add some saffron, shake and then put in a container. Every now and then remember to shake. If you prepare it in the morning for the evening it is better.

Squeeze the bergamot, strain the juice and put in the shaker with ice.

Cut the passion fruit in half and pour it into the shaker.

Pour in the tequila too, add the honey mix and then shake for 12 seconds.

Pour, filtering, into an ice-cooled cup.

Valentine's day cocktail with passion fruit, honey and tequila That’s all: just serve this aphrodisiac cocktail for Valentine’s Day and you will find love or inebriation.

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