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DharMag January 2017 VL92 gin: review, tasting notes, price and characteristics of a strong and spicy Dutch distillate

VL92 gin review, tasting note, price and characteristics strong and spicy Dutch The VL92 gin is a Dutch gin produced in small quantities by two friends (entrepreneurs) who have been inspired by the classic productions of jenever.

VL92” comes from the name of an ancient vessel used to transport spices from the Indies to produce the famous Dutch distillate: indeed a nice touch.

Gin VL 92 tasting notes

But let’s just cut to the chase and uncork this nice bottle of gin, or we should say this drip, as the container of this gin is inspired by a bottle of saline. Second nice touch of the day, these guys know what they are doing…

Gin VL 92 is a bottle that has plenty of thickness and character, it’s not subtle, played on graceful tones: it plays a simple melody, but which is hard to resist.

Nowadays many artisanal gins like to intrigue your nose with a myriad of fragrances, essences, and suggestions, but the palate leaves something to be desired in fierceness and character.

Here’s what the Gin VL92 do not miss: it’s grit and structure, supported by a strong spiciness and crispy citrus chimes that resurface to give rhythm to this spirit.

If you are looking for an essential gin for a nasty Dry Martini, lovely spicy Negroni or masculine gin and tonic, this is the bottle for you, but if you drink it straight do not expect a smooth, velvety distillate…

Gin VL 92 Price

Given the honest cost of 40-45 EUR, of a generous 1-liter bottle, the VL92 gin is a candidate for palates who like strong flavors. Although we are not at the levels of the Plymouth gin original strength.

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