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January 2017

DharMag January 2017 All you need to know about gin: cocktails, the best bottles, tastings and some new drinks to make

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Needless to deny it, we have fallen again in love with gin. It is too good, it’s too trendy, you can find plenty of bottles, each one better than the other.

right now, our beloved gin deserves a chapter of its own, new cocktail, gin tastings and some in-depth analysis. There are gin that are not only good: they are just gorgeous!

The emergence of new “boutique distilleries” that churn out small masterpieces has revolutionized the look of this distillate, so mistreated only 20 years ago.

Best English and American Gin tasting notes, reviews and characteristics There are gins on the market for all palates, flavored in the most imaginative ways: floral and light gins, others spicy and sumptuous, others more intense, gins that tickle and other marked by smoky and mysterious tones.

Gone are the days of the trash gins made with seal fat and cheap botanicals, now everybody aims for the maximum quality, with a spasmodic search of the best botanicals to surprise the palates of an increasing number of gin-aficionados.

And so the good purpose of this 2017 is to explore the world of gin with a round of tastings to find out the best bottles and which gin to pair with your favorite cocktail.

Gin cocktail, gin and tonic recipe, best gin for cocktails, drinkporn Stay tuned and may the gin & tonic be always with you!

Hendrick’s Gin

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Plymouth Gin Original Strength

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VL92 gin

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Mayfair gin

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