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DharMag January 2016 Midori sour cocktail: recipe and ingredients for the perfect, green drink

Midori sour cocktail, cocktail with melon liqueur vodka and sweet and sour Midori is a Japanese native liquor made from melon, you will recognize it for its peculiar green color and the extreme sweetness, which is widely used in many cocktails.

Midori liqueur drink recipes Midori sour ingredients, Midori bottle It’s not a mainstream spirit and is suited to an audience with a palate accustomed to sweet, velvety taste: for this reason it is trivially recognized as a “feminine liqueur”.

Midori Sour cocktail recipe, cocktail with Midori liqueur and sweet and sour The Midori Sour recipe is very simple and easy to prepare: as for all sour cocktail you have to mix sugar and lemon juice, known as sweet & sour, and a spirit, in this case the Midori liqueur.

The result is a nicely sweet cocktail, but sharp at the same, thanks to the contrast given by the lemon juice. The doses are for a balanced cocktail, but feel free to experiment according to your taste, because an original and coded recipe of the Midori Sour does not exist, so let’s be creative!

Midori sour original recipe, the best cocktail recipe, green cocktail Midori The sweet and sour is a simply sweetened lemonade, do not buy industrial drinks, just squeeze 500 ml of lemon (or lime) juice, add 250 grams of sugar, add with 250 ml of water, mix and put the mixture in a bottle and use it as needed. You can storage the sweet and sour in the fridge for a 3 days.

Ingredients of Midori Sour cocktail

  • 4,5 cl of Midori
  • 6 cl of sweet and sour
  • 3 cl lemon juice

How to make the perfect Midori Sour drink

Midori sour recipe, sweet cocktail, green cocktail with lemon juice and melon Squeeze the juice of one lemon and strain. The cocktail is prepared directly in the glass: pour ice, all the ingredients and mix gently. Garnish with a cocktail cherry and a slice of lemon.

The cocktail is just great as we’ve prepared it, but during the summer it is especially delicious and refreshing if you make it in jugs and add a little bit of soda to make it even more titillating.

Suggested food pairings for the cocktail Midori Sour?

Midori sour cocktail recipe, green cocktail with cherry and lemon wedge Try it with bread pudding, kunefe, baklava, chocolate tarts, galaktoboureko.

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