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DharMag January 2016 Kamikaze cocktail: the original recipe, ingredients and history of one of the most famous vodka drink

Kamikaze cocktail original recipe, Kamikaze drink recipe, most famous cocktail The Kamikaze Cocktail is an historic drink, a distillate of elegance and sumptuous scents. It belongs to the great family of the sour cocktails, namely a spirit (in this case vodka) + triple sec + lemon/lime juice. 3 parts of each for a triune cocktail, packed with a compact and precise elegance.

The recipe of the Kamikaze drink is all played on the sweet and sharp flavors of triple sec that weave to the textured freshness of lemon. Vodka has a neutral flavor, but with its alcoholic thickness, sustains the whole cocktail, making it smooth.

If you want to view it from another angle, we could say that the Kamikaze cocktail is a Margarita made with vodka instead of tequila. But it would be a shame to reduce it to a simple variation since it’s not only one of the most famous cocktails, but also one of the finest and most drinkable, especially as an aperitif.

The history of the cocktail Kamikaze is dark and it is assumed that, as the Japanese Slipper cocktail, was born after World War II, in Tokyo, in a bar of an American military base, during the occupation of Japan. Others think that it came out in the 70s and consider it a classic disco cocktail.

Kamikaze cocktail ingredients and doses

  • 3 cl of vodka
  • 3 cl of triple sec
  • 3 cl fresh lemon juice

How to prepare the perfect Kamikaze cocktail

Squeeze lemon and strain juice.

Making Kamikaze cocktail at home is easy, follow this recipe. Bartender school Chill a martini cup with two ice cubes. Fill a shaker with ice and pour lemon juice. Pour vodka, then triple sec. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds then pour in the Martini glass. And now you are ready to serve and taste one of the best sours of all time. If you want to garnish with a lemon zest/slice.

Kamikaze cocktail food pairings

The drink is perfect as an aperitif for its fresh taste, but consider it also for your brunched and swimming pool parties, during which you could prepare it in jugs so that the ingredients can blend more easily. Pair it with pasta with pesto, spicy chicken wings, tori karaage, pasta with artichoke and ham, pasta alla puttanesca.

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