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DharMag January 2016 How to make a perfect Americano cocktail: the original, Italian recipe

Americano cocktail recipe. The original, Italian recipe with Bitter and vermouth The Americano is one of the most famous and appreciated pre-dinner cocktails in the world, the aperitivo par excellence. The recipe is simple, minimal, stunningly beautiful: Campari bitter and sweet vermouth (the red one) to which is added a splash of soda. But this simplicity has a so special unique flavor that never ceases to amaze the palate, thanks to the bitter and refreshing flavor that glides elegantly on your tongue.

Despite the name, all the ingredients and the cocktail itself are proudly Italian and, not surprisingly, the cocktail is also known by the name of Milan-Turin, the two cities where the bitter Campari and vermouth were born. Its birth can be traced back to the second half of 1800, in the bar of Gaspare Campari. The name Americano comes from the fact it was a cocktail particularly loved by American expats.

Ingredients for making the Americano cocktail


  • 3 cl of Campari bitter
  • 3 cl of sweet vermouth
  • soda
  • ice
  • lemon peel and a slice of orange

How to prepare a perfect Americano cocktail

Americano cocktail recipe, drinking Americano, vermouth and bitter cocktail Fill the glass with ice and pour the bitter Campari and sweet vermouth.

Complete with a splash of soda, stir gently and garnish with a slice of orange and lemon peel.

We said “garnish” but the orange slice is an essential ingredient, so don’t forget it.

Vermouth party

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Americano cocktail food pairings

The bitter undertone, tempered by soda and sweetened by sweet vermouth make the Americano the perfect cocktail for an aperitif: it goes along with every finger food, Chinese food, smoked meat, salmon canapes, brisket, tortillas, sweet and sour seitan and grilled tuna and vegetables.

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