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DharMag January 2014 The art of mxing drinks: making the cherry brandy sour

When it comes down at mixing drinks balance and dosage are crucial. Tips and tricks to prepare a great cocktail!

Ingredients Cherry brandy sour recipe and photo. Bartender guide how to make great cocktails

  • 5 cl cherry brandy Villa Zarri
  • 3-4 drops of angostura bitter
  • 3.5 cl passion fruit puree
  • 2 cl sugar syrup
  • 1 passion fruit

How to make a luscious cherry brandy sour

Pour all the ingredients into a Boston shaker glass, shake the mixture vigorously and strain into a rock glass over ice. Cut passion fruit in half and garnish.

We would like to thank Mr. Giancarlo Mancino of the Million, Honk Kong

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