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DharMag February 2017 How to make the perfect whiskey and cola cocktail recipe

Whiskey and cola cocktail recipe, how to make cola and whiskey with lime I must be honest: it’s been years since I converted to whiskey and chinotto, but lately, I wanted to give Cola a chance, we could say for educational purposes, and I have prepared a whiskey and cola.

Nothing to complain, the cocktail flows like honey and has an invigorating balance that satisfies the palate, oscillating between the smoked suggestions of whisky and cola’s caramel touch.

Chinotto has a more complex and multifaceted flavor, cola is less glitzy, almost a single theme in his resolute sweetness, but for a quick and unpretentious cocktail it’s fine.

If we leave out the concerns about the quality/healthiness of cola itself, and if we limit its use, given the alarming levels of sugar, whiskey and cola is a fun drink in can indulge in occasionally.

Whiskey and cola drink ingredients

  • 5 cl of whisky
  • 10 cl of cola (too much!)
  • 2 cl of lemon or lime juice
  • ice

How to make the perfect whiskey and cola cocktail

According to the classic alcoholic literature, a 1 to 2 ratio between whiskey and cola is acceptable, but honestly, it would be better to decrease to 7-8 cl of cola for 5 cl of whiskey, to keep the cocktail clean and crisp.

The whiskey and cola recipe is very easy: squeeze a lemon and strain juice.

Whiskey and cola drink recipe, cocktail with whiskey, ice cola lemon juice Fill a tumbler with ice, pour juice, whiskey and fill with cola. Put a straw in it and garnish with a slice of orange.

A dash of Cardamom bitter is always welcome.

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