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August 2016

DharMag August 2016 All you need to know about rum: cocktails, the best bottles and some summer recipes

Summer cocktail, best beach drink to sip during summer, girls and cocktails With this July’s Dharmag we want to stay light and in shape, we want to devote to fitness and Pilates on a sunny, scorching beach.

And to keep you toned and well hydrated we decided to focus on a subject as vast and invigorating as rum.

Rum is one of the most satisfying summer spirit, ideal for making light and delicious cocktail with mint, tea and lots of fresh fruit.

Think for a moment about how life would be ignominious in this infernal heat without Mojito or the Dark and Stormy titillating freshness or a sip of Mai Tai or the smooth eloquence of Daiquiri?

We will taste and cook with rum, we will offer you new and classic rum cocktails, especially rum punches.

Summer fruits, melon blueberries peaches, summer cocktail ingredients Punches are essentially a beverage made with fruit juice, alcoholic or not, a real panacea for the summer drought.

And the king of all these summer drinks is the Planter’s punch, an ancient drink of the sugar cane growers, but with just a little bit of imagination you can create a myriad of new summer cocktails from scratch.

But don’t worry, there will be plenty of tasty summer recipes and ideas to make unforgettable aperitifs.

Do not forget the sunscreen!

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