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DharMag April 2018 How to make the real Trader Vic's Scorpion cocktail: the perfect recipe

Scorpion cocktail original Trade Vic recipe, the best Tiki cocktail recipes The Scorpion cocktail is a mythical drink, one of the unique tropical nectars invented by Trader Vic and prepared with very fragrant and aromatic ingredients. The alcoholic base of the Scorpion cocktail consists of white rum and brandy or cognac if you want an even more refined product, the fruity part is given by orgeat syrup and both lime and orange juice.

In itself, the preparation of the Scorpion cocktail is very simple, mechanical, but being able to make a real Scorpion that deserves this name is not at all obvious. First of all, you need top-notch ingredients, and lime and oranges are not a big problem, but you need real homemade orgeat syrup, so forget about those smutty industrial mixtures with a fake taste of glucose and rancid almonds.

So all come down to orgeat syrup, if you haven’t done it yourself with your hands yet, this is a reliable recipe that we willingly share.

For the rest, the Scorpion cocktail is simply a fantastic drink, with an amazing aromatic volume, velvety elegance, freshness that never tires and incredible drinkability.

Serve it as an aperitif, as a refreshing tonic in summer or even in winter if you miss the warmth of the beach. Be careful though: its pleasantness can mask the alcoholic thickness, so even though it looks harmless and low in alcohol at the palate, in reality, it is not so so light.

The beauty of this drink is that it was designed to be a cocktail to be share with a table of friends and just to accomplish this task, there are Scorpion bowls, elegantly worked cups, in which you can pour a well-shaken Scorpion for at least four people. In this way the cocktail mixes better and certainly offers a more goliardic and engaging experience than the single glass.

Last note: there are around billions of interpretations and pseudo original recipes of the Scorpion cocktail, but Trader Vic himself started with a drink that also included gin and wine, so the one we are proposing is the final version. Precisely for this reason, the cocktail lends itself to a thousand variations and to experimentation.

Ingredients and doses to make the Scorpion cocktail

  • 4.5 cl of white rum
  • 2.5 cl of brandy or cognac
  • 6 cl of orange juice
  • 3 cl of lime juice
  • 1.5 cl of orgeat syrup

How to make the Scorpion cocktail

Squeeze lime and orange and filter. Fill a shaker with ice, pour all the ingredients and shake vigorously. Pour into a glass full of ice and serve the cocktail.

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