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DharMag April 2016 Black truffle risotto: the ultimate recipe made by a great Italian chef

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Yeah, you guessed right, today we are going to make risotto.

But not a simple risotto, we are going to make the king: truffle risotto.

We were hesitant, it could be another scary copy & paste recipe. Even the site “Minnie in the kitchen” offers a truffle risotto recipe. By the way the domain is free if you want to buy it…

The recipe itself is simple, mechanical culinary pleasure: there’s nothing new under the lid of the pan… So, where to look for inspiration?

We decided to knock on the door of Hosteria 800 in Negrar, in the province of Verona, (rice land par excellence) to ask for the perfect truffle risotto recipe and our request has been heard.

This truffle risotto is great, just look at the pics to start dreaming or even better cooking!

The particularity of this risotto recipe is the cheese: a sweet and buttery touch given by Monte Veronese d’Allevo Mezzano, a small milky pearl produced in the pastures of Lessini Mountains with skim milk and aged for 3-6 months.

Ingredients for making truffle risotto with Monte Veronese

4 servings

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** Vialone Nano rice 250 grams
* meat broth 3 liters
* 2 shallots
* Black truffle
* 80 grams of Monte Veronese Cheese
* 2 spoons of butter
* Parmigiano Reggiano
* salt and pepper
* 1 glass of white wine

How to make the perfect black truffle risotto

Chop a little bit of truffle and Monte Veronese cheese and set aside.

Finely chop shallots and in a thick-bottomed pan sauté them with 1 spoon (15 grams) of butter.

Add rice and toast for 2 minutes, stir and pour white wine, let evaporate and stir again.

Continue cooking, basting occasionally with hot broth for about 15 minutes: depends on the rice quality, so check it out, but it should be al dente, like pasta.

Keep stirring and add the broth a ladle at a time.

The secrets for making a great risotto is the slow cooking, we don’t want to boil rice, but to cook it slowly, with patience and love. Add broth only when rice has absorbed the precedent.

Meanwhile grate truffles and Parmigiano Reggiano.

When al dente, remove risotto from heat, season with salt and pepper, add chopped Monte Veronese cheese and truffle and a handful of grated Parmesan. Stir to incorporate air into risotto and make it creamy.

Let stand for 1 minute, then serve risotto and cover with the truffle shavings.

What wine goes well with truffle risotto?

Barolo is the real deal when you deal with truffle: let’s uncork a great, old style made Barolo, like the one from Rinaldi winery.

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