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DharMag April 2015 Mimosa cocktail recipe: how to make most famous sparkling drink

Mimosa cocktail recipe: the original recipe with ingredients and tips Buck’s Fizz and Mimosa are two cocktails that share the same ingredients: orange juice and Champagne, the only thing that sets them apart are the doses. Buck’s Fizz is lighter and has a double amount of orange juice while Mimosa provides an equal amount of orange juice and Champagne.

The Buck’s Fizz was born in London in 1921, at the Buck’s Club (really??) while the Mimosa cocktail is a few years younger and was mixed for the first time at the Ritz hotel in Paris.

Both cocktails are part of the great Fizz family (cocktail prepared with sparkling wine or water), and are perfect to accompany fish dishes, shrimp skewers wrapped in bacon, white meats, various finger foods, scallops au gratin, chicken salads, grilled fish fillets and chicken wings with spicy sauce.

Not by chance they are the classic party cocktails suitable for brunch or picnic, with their refreshing lightness and bubbles, which tickle the palate, clean up your mouth and slowly inebriate you with grace.

The original Buck’s Fizz and Mimosa recipes require Champagne, the king of all the sparkling wines, but do not be afraid to uncork also an Italian spumante Metodo Classico like Trentodoc or Franciacorta.

Ingredients to make the Buck’s Fizz cocktail

Glass: flute

  • 10 cl of orange juice
  • 5 cl of Champagne or sparkling wine

Mimosa cocktail ingredients

How to make Mimosa cocktail

The procedure for making Buck’s Fizz and Mimosa is identical, just remember to change the doses.

Squeeze oranges, strain the juice and pour into a Champagne flute.

Add Champagne and garnish with an orange rind.

The cocktails are more balanced if prepared in advance and in large quantities, so pour them in large cups or jugs.

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