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Wine Dharma was created from the passion for Italy and its wines. The ultimate goal is to share knowledge about wine, exchange ideas, worlds, grapes, bottles. We would like to help you planning your wine vacation or your food trip in Italy, offering you useful information about grape varieties, recipes, wineries, prices and wine tastings in Italy. It’s free: all you need to do is read our winery guides!

Do you want to visit a winery in Chianti to drink some Sangiovese or a Parma ham producer? How to visit a balsamic vinegar maker in Modena? Would you like to taste some Parmigiano cheese along the way? Sure, no problem: we have two ways to do that. One is our website, where we’ll provide insight into Italian regions, their cuisines and wines, and the pairings that can be made with food from all over the world, especially Asian recipes. The other is an epicurean journey that unravels through vineyards and wineries, as we will organize wine and food tours in Italy, courses, meetings with winemakers and private tastings designed to make our audience understand the reality of the wine world.

You will also find a wine guide, with detailed tasting notes and pictures, of the wineries that we visited, and whose production we believe in line with our principles and with our idea of wine: honesty, native grapes production and stick-to-the-terroir philosophy. We gave preference to small wineries with the best quality available, but that hardly would be able to cross the borders of their region. This is our aim, to uncover these treasures, to create a connection between producers and consumers, because we want to offer you a true online wine guide.

We don’t want to be only a classic food and wine magazine, a winery guide that can tell you where to go safely to find great wines. No, we’ve visit all the wineries we are speaking about, we want you to taste the real Italian living and drinking experience. It doesn’t matter if they are every day wines or masterpieces or wines coming from an unknown grape: the wine must convey passion and there’s a lot of passion around: you just need to find it! If you have a winery and you want to sell directly to the world your wines or if you have an activity that revolves around food, olive oil, catering, hospitality, and want to know more about Wine Dharma for a possible collaboration, please contact us.

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