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Villa Zarri distillery: home of the Italian brandy

Villa Zarri distillery. How to visit a real brandy maker? Brandy tastings Just outside Bologna, in Castel Maggiore to be exact, there is a place that any brandy lover should visit: Villa Zarri, the most renowned manufacturer of Italian brandy. In 1986 Guido Fini Zarri, following the footsteps of his grandfather and father, for the first time distilled some brandy with the Charentais Alembic, and that was born the myth of Villa Zarri.

Villa Zarri’s philosophy

French oak barrels. Interior of a distillery. how is brandy made? Just read this The results were exciting and since then the quality put in the art of distillation have not changed, and despite the success, what is sought even today is the highest quality, a handmade product made by one man, without any addition of preservatives, additives or colorings. The production method is complex and very long, the brandy is aged 10 years minimum before it is ready for the market. Just like wine, it comes from exceptional grapes: only Trebbiano Romagnolo and Toscano are used. After the harvest, the grapes are pressed, the moist ferments and finally there is the distillation, when the fermentation phase comes to an end.

Tasting and visits at the best Italian brandy producer. Villa Zarri tasting. Guido in action The method adopted is discontinuous, through the Charentais alembic. A very slow process, through which it is possible to obtain a concentration of great and intense aromas and, at the same time, to eliminate the heads and tails of the distillate.

At this point, the nectar that comes has an alcohol level of 72 % and is colorless. Follow a long aging in French oak barrels: after a year in new barrels is passed to those already used, where it stays for 10 years.

Also the climate, always wet and characterized by extreme temperature changes, has a big influence on the brandy and imprints its flow on the brandy. As it gets older the tannins of the barrels pass to brandy, giving flavors, aromas, tannin and color. Consider that because of the evaporation, of the initials 100 liters there are only 60-65 liters of final product, a considerable sacrifice, but necessary to allow the distilled to concentrate and find its own balance.

Brandy traditional assembly 10 years

Plate of cheeses. What should you pair to aged cheeses? Brandy of course! Assembling different vintages is a common practice among brandy makers, is intended to make the brandy more complete and nuanced. In this case we have a beautiful antique color tending to mahogany. The bouquet is wide, varied and deep with barley, nuts, rhubarb, toasted pine nuts and caramel. The palate is soft, velvety and offers balance and warm shades. It runs clean and rich, with returns of honey, almonds and candied fruits. A brandy elegant to match with tiramisu, aged cheeses, Neapolitan pastries.

Brandy traditional assembly 16 years

Chocolate Peanut Butter Palette. Caramel Popcorn and Popcorn Ice Cream The color is hypnotic: topaz bright. The nose offers sharp sensations of nutmeg, pink pepper, canned peaches, tobacco, coffee, coconut. In the mouth it’s sumptuous, with a gallant personality. The taste goes beyond the classic “dried fruit combo”, bringing a hint of marzipan, saffron and vanilla puffs. A classy brandy to pair with wild salmon, strawberry millefeuille, apricot cheesecake.

Brandy vintage 1988 21 years

Chocolate croissant. Which wine should you pair? Not a wine, but cherry brandy Yellow color with flecks of amber. The nose is large and voluptuous, elegant, crossed by hints of licorice root, chestnut honey, beeswax, brooms dried to and finishes with sweet tobacco. The palate is tasty, full, refined: a game of balance between the sweetness of honey, toasted almonds and the power of alcohol. Suggested pairings: sbrisolona cake, spongata, Stilton.

Cherry Brandy Villa Zarri

Caramel cupcake. What should we pair? A delicious, mellow brandy! Here we go! The meeting of Vignola’s cherries and 6 years, oak barrel aged brandy. And the result is exceptional: we start from the color, a bright ruby ​​red, full of vitality. The bouquet seduces with a refined symphony of ripe fruit, sweet spices that tickle the nose and an ethereal finish. The taste is soft, modulated on a scale of incredible flavors ranging from orange peel to honey with cherries always wispering on your tongue. Sweet, clean, elegant with a very persistent fruity finish. An ideal companion for meditation, for cocktails, tart cherries, sweet chocolate.

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How to reach the distillery Villa Zarri: via Ronco 1 40013 Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

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