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Nicola Galassi Winery

Nicola Galassi Winery review with wine tasting, info and prices. Romagna wines The Galassi Winery covers an area of 45 hectares in the plains of Casola Canina, a border land between Emilia and Romagna. And also the wines feel this influence, especially the whites one, which find great balance and drinkability in the sparkling version. Moreover, the formula for this success goes back to 1852, when the family began making wine and sold the first wines.

The best wines of Romagna, Galassi Winery, Italian wine guide, Imola Colli DOC Today that passion has remained unchanged and the objective is to make good wines that reflect the characteristics of this so gifted territory. They prefer native vines Like Sangiovese, Albana and Pignoletto, but also a couple of international have adapted well in these soils, where clay and sand are mixed to create a mixture that allows to differentiate the production, from Pignoletto sparkling-a classic of the hills of Imola-to Sangiovese, which in the hills of the estate of Marana find an ideal habitat.

Sangiovese grapes, vineyards of Imola, Casola Canina, wines of Romagna Tradition then, but also dynamism and desire to experiment, to find new solutions in order to offer quality wines with beautiful aromas and a lot of freshness. Today we have Nicola Galassi at the helm of the winery, and we to admit that he is making a great job, because he focuses on the strength of this terroir. With this kind of sandy soils, the wines are so elegant, they develop many perfumes and good acidity, but fail to achieve great concentration. Hence the decision to focus on sparkling wines.

Wine tasting DOC Colli di Imola and visit the winery in Dozza, vineyards. He likes to works with nitrogen, soft presses, controlled temperatures and he try to do everything to keep intact the fragrance of the wines, to the point that in 2010 the winery bought a mammoth machinery for bottling, from 3000 bottles per hour. The range of wines is quite good, especially if we consider also the very fair price, with sparkling white to lead the way. The red wines spent some times in oak barrels and have nice tannins and balance, with vibrant acidity.

Furletto, Reno Pignoletto DOC Sparkling, 2013

lobster, lobster pot of the great chefs. Lobster recipes and photos The color is a key element of these wines, and it is important how the perfume is always lively, crystalline, pure. This Pignoletto will solve a lot of food matching problems. Jasmine, wisteria, peach, pear, pineapple. In the mouth is slender, with good acidity. Suggested food pairings: spring rolls and Thai dishes with lemongrass.

Chardonnay Sparkling 2013

Straw, with golden highlights. The nose is a triumph of fruits (peach, passion fruit, melon) which are flanked by creamy-buttery notes interspersed with sighs of ginger and basil. It closes with crusty bread. In the mouth it is equally graceful, fresh with a savory finish. Suggested food pairings: lobster, steamed shrimp with garlic.

Spreta, Spumante Extra Dry 2013

A lovely blend, with apples, herbs, pears and acacia. On the palate is very lively with bubbles and bright saltiness, which gives a surprising structure to this nice sparkling wine. Perfect for sushi fatty fish, fried cod alla Romana, squid stuffed with cheese, tuna tataki with sesame and soy sauce.

Baroccio, Sangiovese 2013

Ruby. Red berries and violets, cherries. Fresh, immediate with delicate tannins. Suggest food pairings: grilled meats, pasta with meat sauce, meat rolls with bacon and spinach.

Vino del Curato Colli d’Imola DOC Riserva 2009

Rack of lamb. What combine with a plate of lamb? Sangiovese of course! Bright ruby. It starts with plums, black cherries, moss and warmer tones that widen gradually making its way between licorice and chocolate. In the mouth the tannins are tight, intense, but then open to let emerge the fruit crispness, with puffs of dried flowers, pepper and a earthy finish. It needs a year or more to achieve a perfect balance. Suggested food pairings: lasagne alla bolognese, beef cheek of beef with red onions, wild boar stew with juniper.

To purchase the wines, ask for information or visit the cellar ask of Nicola Galassi. Discounts and special offers for Wine Dharma’s readers-associated.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0542 50025
Where is the cellar: Via Ferra, 6-40026 Casola Canina, Imola (BO)
Planted hectares: 45
Bottles: 250000
Winemaker: Guido Garelli

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