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Maso Bellaveder winery

Vigneti di Faedo, cantina Bellaveder, visitare le cantine del Trentodoc, Trento. Massima cura nei filari, tutti inerbiti, dove si pratica il sovescio. Bellaveder winery is one of those small wineries in Trentino Alto Adige where you fall in love at first sight. The Bellaveder Maso is surrounded by eight hectares of vineyards, in turn framed by the Dolomites: the gaze is free to wander in the green rocks and vineyards. We are in Faedo, one of the best areas for growing grapes, so much so that the vineyards look like large manicured gardens.

Philosophy of Bellaveder cellar

Luchetta is a volcanic winemaker, one of the nicest we’ve ever encountered. And his wines are exactly like him: honest and rocky. Beneath that smile hides an amazing depth, a feeling for beauty and love for their land. And how could we blame him, considering the beauty of the hills of Faedo?

Cantina Bellaveder, degustazione e commento dei vini, info e visite in cantina. Il maso Bellaveder circondato dalla natura From this year, 2013, the vineyards are in conversion to organic, a lifestyle choice, but also stylistic, as you search for the adherence to terroir. Although it is a big step, the company is already now in biological management in substance, since the treatments are made only with natural sulfur and copper. He lacked the certification, but now it’s done.

Style of Bellaveder wines

Vendita online dei vini DOC del Maso Bellaveder: spumanti, Lagrein, Teroldego. The wines are witnesses of Faedo terroir and express themselves with great finesse, no frills or embroidery, savory to the core, with an intensity sidereal. Each wine is the son of a parcel of a very specific microclimate and respect for the vine, which makes the wines of Maso Bellaveder an aromatic surgical precision to say the least.

Trentino Pinot Nero Faedi 2009

Absurdly low yields, long maceration, aging in a mix of new and used oak barrels and infinite love, the rest do the Faedo land. If you love Pinot Noir to Bellaveder it is a poem, an ode to elegance. Attack with elegant notes of strawberries, ginger, wild rose, clove, rhubarb and then turns on mineral tones with ferns, mushrooms, berries and tea. On the palate seduces with its precise style, the property firm, velvety tannins that blend to a long-term extension savory.

Trentodoc Bellaveder Reserve 08

Autumn foliage among the vineyards. Faedo, Trentino Alto Adige. Autumn colors A monumental blanc de blanc: creamy, faceted with pastry aromas, peach, tangerine, powder that bind harmoniously to a highly refined mineral background. Mouth stretched with deep mineral states that alternate creating a striking symphony. Sip graceful, rhythmic, brilliant as Jack The Bear ** ** Duke Ellington: once tasted you can not live without. Ageing potential 10 years minimum, to combine with the salt cod dumplings.

Trentino DOC Pinot Bianco 2012

Pinot Blanc is a delicate wine, soft, it is easy to make nice wines, unlikely to be memorable, but again Quiet surprise. Seasonings is the watchword. beautiful nose for cleanliness and harmony with underlying sweetness with peach, plum cake, plum, pineapple, hawthorn and final juicy mint. In the mouth it fills with grace, full of savory references, but flows with a dry body. Long and beautiful intensity. A Pinot Bianco born to the grilled fish, and the Thai food.

Trentodoc Brut Nature 08

Fine gold robe. The nose is a whirlwind of flowers, ginger, hazelnut, lemon jam with crusty bread to conclude the season. wide and creamy mouth, it electrified by glacial freshness, but always set with grace and precision. Final cedar delicious and aromatic returns.

Mass Picol Teroldego 2008

A Teroldego that leaves its mark; inside the bottle the flavor of the mountains. Mature nose with plums and blueberries jam, sweet spices that seduce the nose, vegetal return to close to earthy notes. The taste is warm and enveloping, powerful structure, but chiseled. tasty acidity to dictate a rapid pace. Combine with lamb curry, moussaka.

Trentino Lagrein Dunkel Mansum Reserve Mansum Reserve

A dark Lagrein, with a heart of ripe red fruits that pulses in an undergrowth where grow violets, moss and mushrooms. mint notes to refresh a classic fresco stylistically impeccable. In the mouth shows all its character with rock structure, balsamic freshness and exhilarating flavor peaks. Lagrein Dolomite to match with pizzoccheri.

Trentino Chardonnay 2012 Faedi

Shimmering golden vest. Classic nose with ripe fruit with peach, plum, pear, alternating with linden flowers, hazelnuts, sage and ginger. In the mouth it is round and aggressive, wraparound and chiseled by strong flavor. Balance and elegance for a Chardonnay to pair with oysters au gratin ** ** ** ** sea bass in salt, ** patty with mushrooms and smoked cheese, fish carbonara.

Muller Thurgau Trentino DOC 2012

Faedo and Cembra Valley are home of Muller Thurgau, the beloved terroir of this little-known grape, but it has enormous potential. The nose is graceful, rich in minerals references that are mixed with delicate layers of fruit such as peach and apple. Mouth tasty, easy to drink with a slender body, but always dynamic. Combine with marinated anchovies ** ** ** ** potato dumplings with octopus, cuttlefish and peas fusilli ** **.

Sauvignon IGT VdD

Pale golden robe. varietal nose with flint, bay leaves, lime, elder that make up a very pungent aromatic and refined. In the mouth the freshness back, relaxing in a well-shaped mineral extension. It slides pleasant, with balance and panache. A mineral Sauvignon, of character, to match risotto with sea urchin or chicken yakitori.

Trentino Gewürztraminer DOC 2012

Yellow bright straw. intense and full nose, but never redundant for this Gewurztraminer extremely clean scents. yellow rose, passion fruit, magnolia, ginger, spicy with accompanying returns. Soft in the mouth, it is moving full-bodied, yet supported by adequate freshness. impressive final with caramelized cedar memories.

If you want to buy the wines of Bellaveder cellar or visit the farm for walks through the wonderful vineyards of Faedo, Mr. Luchetta awaits.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0461 650171
How to reach the Bellaveder cellar: 38010 Faedo, Trento Maso Belvedere
Hectares planted: 8

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