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Leone Conti

The classic Pergola of Romagna. Buy high quality wines on line with good price! The typical Pergola Romagnola Leone Conti winery is located in the hills above Faenza, in a particularly wine-friendly place, Oriolo dei Fichi, near the old medieval tower that dominates the entire valley. The soil is a good mixture of clay, limestone and chalk, and the cold air currents that run through the valley create a cool micro climate, creating a steep thermal excursion good for pumping acidity and pungent aromas into the grapes.

But Leone Conti is not only a great vigneron, first and foremost is a wine virtuoso, driven by his endless curiosity, and we are happy that his inventiveness has found viticulture as a field of application. We have a wide range of wines, very clean, elegant and inside of each of them you will find a little bit of his soul and the love for his own terroir. He always starts from the meticulous care of the vineyards, because as he loves to say, is there that the wine is made, the matter is quite simple: just don’t waste what nature has to give. The use of the oaking is creative, but wise and doesn’t weigh down the wine, rather it tries to enhance its aromatic qualities and beef up the structure, especially of white wines, as in the case of the Albana, of which Leo is one of the best poet/performers. The harvest is completely manual and the vines are trained with the spurred cordon system, apart from the white ones, for which is used the classic Pergola of Romagna.

Oak barrels inside the winery of Leone Conti. Guide to the best Italian wineries Leone is certainly not afraid of experimenting with barrels The production is artisanal and based on intuitions that might seem risky—a rosé from Syrah grapes, in Romagna?—but that over the years have paid off. The bulk, however, comes from native grape varieties, including Sangiovese, Albana, Centesimino, Trebbiano, Longanesi, although the most interesting, and unknown, are Uva Ruggine and Famoso, two grapes that have a sharp intriguing iper-floral bouquet, which makes them perfect for Seafood, Sushi, Thai Curry, dishes with Lemon Grass and above all Ceviche. Great value/price for the two basic wines: Trebbiano and Sangiovese.

Anghingò 2011

Pairing Chinese food and wines guide. Wines from Romagna are great with... Some fried Chinese dumplings are excellent with a creamy wine like Anghingò Definitely one of the most curious wines, made from slightly overripe grapes of Uva Ruggine. The fresh chalky aromas are chasing each other in a dizzying creaminess—pear, mashed mango, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, green tea, a touch of dried apricots and raisins—but the taste is even richer: the fruit is mixed with a whisper of almond and slightly caramelized peaches. The final is vibrant, played between sweet spices and a sharp fruity exuberance. Let’s prepare some Thai Shrimp Rolls for this zesty white wine. 8 €.

Albana Progetto Uno (Project One) 2012

Leone Conti winery. Walks in the vineyards and cellar tours. Romagna wine tours Leone is the lord of white wines This bottle is the pride of the Leone Conti’s winery, a classy Albana of Romagna, conceptually easy—only steel aging—but it’s impossible to not fall in love, since the color: flaxen yellow with gold flickering shades. The bouquet is intense, a field of yellow flowers woven with brooms, roses, cherry blossoms and magnolia petals. One of the best Albana di Romagna for finesse and stylistic rigor: its biting charm—the Albana is one of the most tannic white wine—is free to explode all its warm, aromatic power. A wine to pair with Salmon Fillet seasoned with Porcini Sour Cream or a simple bowl of gnocchi with ricotta.

Albana Progetto Due (Project Two) 2008

A controversial wine that needs time in the bottle to refine the legacy of the barrel. The color is amber, seductive, with a complex nose that ranges from ripe fruit dipped into caramel—including figs, dates, raisin, apricots—to the ethereal, with a convulsive sequence of screaming almonds, burnt orange peel, sneaky vanilla and coffee blurs. In the mouth the toffee is hot, spicy, however backed by an acidity that travels among a lemon tart, rust, crème brûlée, balsamic memories and mountain flowers, and this dreamy, imperfect, suggestion is the real strength of the wine. Pair this Albana with a crunchy Coniglio Porchettato or Chicken Curry: the coconut milk will work wonders.

Wine nuts: Progetto Uno is solar and sharp, while Progetto Due, on the contrary, is a heart of darkness, the dark charming side of the Force, but both deserve to be sipped.

Le One 2011

Do you want to visit a great Sangiovese winegrower? Here for you Leone Conti! Let’s consider for a while the long and delicate process to do this wine: vinification in new oak barrels and then eleven months on yeast and lees with batonnage. But, after all, this wood feast has not touched the thundering fruity-floral energy of the Famoso grape, in fact, after a first vanilla & butter assault, emerge gushes of banana, baked peaches, papaya, daisy and a leaky hint of marjoram. Great with Fettuccine with Bottarga or Fried Shrimps with sweet-sour sauce. 8 €.

Impressioni di Settembre 2012

A very nice rosé made of Syrah, light, perfect for a delicate, but zesty, Shrimp Laska: Thai basil and mint combine perfectly with the flowers of this pink wine that uses the mighty fruity-spicy load of this grape with lightness and elegance. € 7.

Sangiovese Conti Riserva 2007

Leone Conti, a great winegrower from Romagna. The best Sangiovese winemaker Le Betulle is a good honest bottle: fresh and with a hint of pepper and tobacco A top notch Sangiovese: 20 days of maceration and 20 months of barrel aging for this round, powerful wine, with a thousand of faces. Sour cherries, plum tart, violets under syrup, blackberry jelly are sliding on a tannin tamed by the long sleep in the barrel. The spices are attractive, have polished the typical edges of the Sangiovese grape and given to the wine a nice persistence, which occurs with puffs of espresso and burning licorice. A great wine for Kansas City BBQ Ribs, Stewed Venison, Bulgogi (불고기). € 17.

If you want to visit Leone Conti’s winery just drop a mail to Leone or Gianfrancesco:
mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 0039 0546 642149
Via Pozzo 1, Santa Lucia, Faenza, Ravenna, Italy
Hectares: 17
Bottles: 70000
Winemaker: Leone Conti

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