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Guide to Italy's best wineries in Veneto: Corte Sant'Alda winery

Guide to Italy's best wineries in Veneto: Corte Sant'Alda winery Corte Sant’Alda is a splendid Mezzane di Sotto winery, in the heart of eastern Valpolicella. One of the most innovative, because to move forward it has looked back to understand where its roots lie. Corte Sant’Alda is a farm made primarily of people and not just of cherry trees, woods, vineyards, and olive trees for a total of 40 hectares. It is the attempt, happily successful, to collect the inheritance of their land and transform it into life, into real wine, into everyday work, to offer bottles with a unique personality.

Everything is in perfect harmony, according to a project of sustainability and respect for the territory that should be taken as an example. And we hope it opens the road to the renewal in Valpolicella. Land of poignant beauty, where we can find great wines, but which are often characterized by exceptional concentration, rather than finesse and typicality.

Philosophy of Corte Sant’Alda winery

Hills and vineyards of Mezzane di Sotto, Valpolicella. Visit the Venetian cellar Vi ritroverete catapultati in un piccolo paradiso Let’s start from the vineyards, the heart of the Sant’Alda project. The vineyards are on a terrace at a height of 300 meters, the soils are calcareous and only small quantities of sulfur are used for the treatments. Copper has been banned for years and selected yeasts
are not used to start fermentation. During the wine processing, the phases of the moon are followed. We could say a return to the wisdom of the elders.

Marinella Burani, natural winery. Wine tasting and commentary, Amarone The result is amazing. The wines produced by Marinella Camerani (finally we present the hostess!) speak the language of this land without hesitation. Each plot is followed with meticulous care, just check the map on the cellar website with all the details on each plot: they are a kind of a life diary of each vineyard.

Style of Sant’Alda winery wines

Guide to the best wineries to visit in the Veneto, Veneto wine tour planning La cantina Difficult to talk about style and technique, when in reality we are faced with a manifestation of great sensitivity for the land, of empathy for wine. As natural as the wines are, there is not the slightest trace of reductions and oxidations. Indeed they flow with crystal-clear elegance, full of expressiveness and depth that fascinates from the first moment you immerse yourself in the glass. Less concentration in favor of finesse and typicality, especially in a difficult wine such as Amarone della Valpolicella.

Amarone della Valpolicella

Dense, hypnotic color. Intoxicating nose with a warm fruit that marries returns of mint, tea, cardamom perfectly melted in a spicy symphony. If the nose was clean in the mouth, it is warm, broad, but very tasty, agile despite being sumptuous as only Amarone can be. Marked by powerful but fine tannins. A great Amarone that combines balance, charm and a rare gustatory dynamics for such rich wines. Suggested pairings: oose with chestnuts, Amarone risotto, lasagna alla Bolognese.

Valpolicella Superiore Mithas

Garnet color. It opens with typical notes of plum, violet, licorice perfectly declined. Sweet spices are lost in an undergrowth of light and shadow. On the palate, it is sculpted, without edges, but fresh and sturdy. Powerful yet fine structure with modulated tannins, well blended. Good balance, clean finish, mineral, balsamic. Suggested food pairings: pork shank, Peking duck, bigoli with duck ragout.

Valpolicella Superiore Campi Magri

A cascade of black cherries, a warm and enveloping fruit with suggestions of iris, juniper, and delicate earthy notes. This is the first approach, but it is when you go to the tasting that the wine shows all its typicality with warmth and freshness change of pace. Smooth tannins, balanced, good salty progression and proper softness. Food matching: with lamb chops, fillet with green pepper.

Valpolicella Ca Fiui

Shiny ruby. The nose offers a classic picture, measured with nifty scents of black cherries, pepper, iron, and traces of undergrowth. Dry and candid mouth, shaped by a freshness that tickles the palate. Lively tannins and good harmony. Suggested food pairings: mushroom lasagna, risotto with eel, cold cuts with flatbread.

Soave Vigne di Mezzane

Golden yellow color. It has an intriguing nose with melon, peach and exotic fruit that are intertwined with clear zippy floral echoes. Peppery background with traces of dried fruit and honey. It caresses the palate with good softness and it moves rapidly, driven by a freshness that makes the wine pleasant. There is no lack of balance and minerality, indeed a nice wine. Suggested food pairings: chow mein, Gragnano spaghetti with sea urchins, dim sum, sea carbonara.

Recioto della Valpolicella

We end sweetly with Recioto. Ruby heart with purple reflections. Opulent nose with mature fragrances of prunes in alcohol, cinchona, chocolate, coffee and star anise in the background. In the mouth, it is soft, sweet and well balanced between freshness, roundness, and tannins without being banal.

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