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Guide to Italy's best wineries in Emilia Romagna: Gallegati winery

Wine and Winery review of Gallegati winery, info, mail, prices: wine guide Grappoli di Sangiovese Gallegati are the Brothers of Sangiovese because when we talk about Gallegati wines we talk about amazing Sangiovese and typical wines of Romagna. These two whimsical winemakers are, in fact, firmly convinced that the clays of the Brisighella hills can give great results with Sangiovese (di Romagna). Not surprisingly, their bottle range offers Sangiovese, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, a white from Chardonnay with the addition of Pignoletto and a classic sweet wine like Albana Passito. Few labels for a limited number of bottles, 15000, which are born first of all from meticulous care in the vineyard. Rather than selling the surplus to some social winery, the two brothers prefer to do less, but better: a motto that all those who want to make quality should make their own.

The hectares of vineyards of the Gallegati winery are seven, in the northern area of ​​Brisighella, all Guyot trained, apart from the Albana for which the upside-down is used. The soil is clayey, very old, full of mineral chips, limestone and marine fossils that look like many corals, hence the name of the wines. Below 60/70 cm of fertile soil, there is a compact clay layer that gives the wines thickness and vigor.

A Guide to Italy's best wineries Emilia Romagna, Vineyards of Gallegati winery Gli splendidi filari inerbiti In the Gallegati winery, there is no room for compromise, the grapes must be perfect: the interventions are reduced to a minimum, new barrels are used extremely sparingly and only for a small percentage of the wine. The barrel aging must help to give roundness, but slowly, without traumas. But as impeccable as the brothers are in their work both in the vineyard and in the cellar, it is the year that decides and this professional sincerity is commendable. In these times of oenological homologation, it is a real miracle, it is certainly very risky, but the Gallegati brothers say: win big or go home and we are already at home, so no problem.

Corallo Nero, Sangiovese Riserva

Corallo Nero Sangiovese tasting notes and review, Sangiovese di Romagna Making a vertical tasting of Corallo Nero our palate can relive the passage of time: the heat of a torrid summer in the explosion of hot fruits such as plums and black cherries or the ethereal finesse of the freshest berries such as currants and raspberries kept intact by sharper temperature ranges. The last vintage on the market was 2016, it was hot but did not affect the finesse of the wine, which maintains a clear elegance, where the notes of very fresh, herbaceous and earthy undergrowth dominate. Despite all this finesse, the wine flows voluminously with waves of baked plums and slight puffs of coffee, peony, black currant, imperceptible threads of vanilla, and then turns again to the freshness with musk, fern and a hint of meat extract. The tannins are vigorous but perfectly integrated into the body of this splendid Sangiovese. Suggested food pairings: Tagliatelle with Bolognese Ragù, aged Pecorino, Pici Cacio e Pepe, grilled meat, but also perfect for meditating during summer barbecues.

Corallo Blu, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

Barbecue cutlets paired with Cabernet Sauvignon from Romagna. Perfect match! Un taco coreano con ripieno di costolette cotte al barbecue è quello che ci vuole per un Cabernet Less earthy than Corallo Nero, but very pleasant, caressing despite an imposing body, with a fullness that fills the mouth and leaves a memory of cherry, pepper, olives, cola, blueberry juice, and black cherry jam. A wine that goes beyond the proven Bordeaux blend and acquires a territorial charm, thanks to the clays of Brisighella. Powerful, juicy and compact as it flows, thanks also to the late harvest of Cabernet, crossed by a freshness - eucalyptus and thyme - which keeps this forest of fruits and spices smooth. Merlot helps to round off the tannic exuberance. Very balanced, fresh, it has like Corallo Nero, at least ten years of evolution ahead of it. A delicious red wine to combine with intense and fatty dishes such as Bulgogi, Moussaka, Risotto with Porcini, Tuscan Peposo.

Corallo Bianco, Chardonnay & Pignoletto

Chardonnay Corallo Bianco food pairings sausage pizza with peppers The red thread of Gallegati wines is finesse, which never disregards complexity. Don’t expect the usual super buttery Chardonnay. This bottle comes with 14.5 degrees and is an explosion of flowers and yellow fruits linked by an acidity that flows between one petal and the other without a hitch. A more technical wine than Sangiovese, but which never becomes cerebral or redundant. The richness of the aromas is balanced by a dry, decisive drinkability marked by a background of honey and aromatic herbs. A fine white wine to pair with a roast rabbit with sage, Romagna-style cappelletti, prawns with ginger, Khao Soy, linguine with pesto with green beans.

Regina di Cuori, Albana passito riserva

Chardonnay Corallo Bianco food pairings sausage pizza with peppers We will be lapidary with this great sweet wine: it is one of the best Albana passito in Romagna. Sumptuous bouquet with a symphony of dried fruit, dates, apricots and sweet spices, which mix with returns of mint, white chocolate, medicinal herbs and a drizzle of acacia honey to beautifully close a nose that has few equals. In the mouth, it amazes for its roundness and balance with freshness, which leads to drinking without any hesitation, despite the sugars and fruity suggestions are very intense. One of the best wines that you can combine with blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Stilton, but also excellent with cheesecake and apple pie.

To buy Gallegati wines, ask for information on prices or visit the winery, where you will also find comfortable rooms to stay in the middle of the vineyards, ask for Antonio.
Email: [email protected]
How to reach the Gallegati winery: via Lugo, 182, 48018, Faenza, Ravenna
Telephone: 0546 621149
Hectares: 6
Bottles: 15000
Winemaker: Cesare and Antonio Gallegati

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