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Graziano Prà winery review

Graziano Prà winery review, Vineyards and vineyards of the Soave green hills La natura in tutto il suo splendore Graziano Prà winery is a Paradise for any wine lovers who venture into the Soave hills. The hectares of vineyards are 28 and are located in the best areas of Soave, among which the crus of Foscarino, Froscà, Monte Croce and Montegrande stand out. The care in the vineyard is maximum, where each operation is made by hand, starting from the harvest, done in small boxes. In Tregnago’s estate are produced Valpolicella wines. An adventure that began a few years ago, but which immediately started off on the right foot and was totally organic.

Philosophy of the Graziano Prà winery

Barrels and interior of the Graziano Prà cellar. Soave winery wine tour & visits L'interno della cantina è un capolavoro The mantra is: territory and style have to speak. The personality of Prà wines is undeniable, elegance immediately strikes. Balance, harmony and aromatic precision of wines are always the priority. All this apollonian beauty, however, does not prevent the wines from being lively and smooth. The winemaker is like a tailor, he knows how to choose the best fabrics and then to impress his ideas by forging the material, but always with the utmost respect.

Style of Prà wines

Bunch of Garganega. Soave vineyards. The best Soave winery to visit Grappoli d'oro The vineyards are mainly raised in Guyot, the height ranges from 150 to 300 meters. The soils are of volcanic origin with traces of limestone: perfect for having intense wines characterized by minerality. The aromatic deepness, the perfumes, the consistency of these wines are not easily forgotten and they are the testimony of the potential of this splendid terroir.

Soave Classico Staforte

Sicilian prawns marinated in ginger. Recipe and photos of San Domenico Imola Gamberi siciliani marinati allo zenzero per la sapidità di questo Soave Sparkling golden. The nose is crystalline, marked with finesse, ample and offers an intertwining of peach, honey, chamomile and medlar, all framed by mineral notes. Sapid and thick mouth, good balance between freshness and roundness which leads to a dynamic finish. An excellent example of Soave, with remarkable aging potential. To be combined with tagliolini with truffle, spaghetti with sea urchins, turbot with sweet pepper sauce.

Soave Classico Colle Sant’Antonio

Gratinated scallops with carrots. Photo. Which wine for scallops? Soave Amore a prima vista Solar golden. Nose set to finesse, with spicy returns and plenty of floral echoes. Aromatic herbs and marine notes make the aromatic picture typical, but sumptuous, with an exotic background. Palate with great verve, with a savory extension that runs throughout the wine, making it persistent. An enveloping, classy Soave, to pair with ricotta and herbs tortelli or tuna tataki with sesame and soy sauce.

Amarone della Valpolicella

Saddle of lamb with green chard and cooked cauliflower cream. Amarone wine Agnello e Amarone sono un'accoppiata perfetta Mineral bouquet as only the Amarone di Mezzane can offer. Pulpy red fruit, rhubarb, candied orange and licorice in a crescendo mottled with alpine herbs. If the nose is a cornucopia, in the mouth it is dense, but balanced between alcohol, saltiness and good freshness. Tannins are power, but well defined. Spicy finish of great persistence. An already balanced Amarone that has nice aging potential. Food pairings: beef braised in Amarone.

Soave Classico Monte Grande

Snails ravioli. Which wine to pair with snails? Soave, white wine Ravioli di lumache As soon as you sniff the glass you plunge into a lake of petals: chamomile, hawthorn, broom. The mineral stamp gives elegance. Yellow fruit and cumin in a game of endless rap challenge. Tense mouth, sculpted by saltiness, but with a soft stroke that wraps the palate with elegance. Excellent drinkability, already balanced. A very typical Soave to pair with sea carbonara or bigoli with duck ragout.

Soave Otto

Pasta with truffle. Passatelli. Which wine to pair with truffle? A white: Soave Straw color. Wide nose with hints of yellow fruit, sweet spices, hazelnut, mineral echoes on a classic broom background. In the mouth it has pulp, is tonic and moves with agility between citrus suggestions and good roundness. A well-made wine, precise, with the right zing to accompany prawn Laska or passatelli with truffle.

If you want to buy the wines from the Graziano Prà cellar or visit the splendid vineyards in the Soave hills, contact Ms Valentina.
Telephone: 045 7612125
How to reach the Graziano Prà winery: via della Fontana, 31, 37032 Monteforte d’Alpone, Verona

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