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Dolomites, guide to the best wineries in Italy, South Tyrol, Alto Adige wineries Mazzon is a small village with few houses and is part of the town of Neumarkt, but, though small, is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. With less than a hundred inhabitants and its eighty hectares of vineyards, it’s the home of some great Pinot Noir and we are not talking only of South Tyrol, but of all Italy.

In these quiet hills Kurt Rottensteiner has been making wine since twenty years. Four hectares of Pinot Noir and a Gewürztraminer, for a crafty production, where everything is done by hand, starting from the harvest. The bottles are few, four, but very good and Kurt want to touch every of the 20000 bottles he produces: each wine must be a synthesis of passion, care and territoriality.

Brunnenhof winery review. Guide to the wine & wineries in Trentino Alto Adige It’s good to point out that Kurt is one of the few to make wine Mazzon without buying grapes from other farmers and he doesn’t use chemicals, but only copper and sulfur for the treatments. He lives with his family in the middle of his farm surrounded by vineyards, so this respect for nature was a natural step, not a trend.

But let’s go to the characteristic of this stainless South Tyrolean winemaker. The naturalness and harmony with which he moves between the vineyards and winery, but maybe it was his fate, since the Rottensteiner family has been producing wine, and especially Pinot Noir, at least for a century. And Kurt, after bottling the 1999 vintage, is becoming more and more skilled, vintages after vintages, so that now is considered one of the most important producers of Pinot Noir, although with the last year it’s difficult to choose between Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir.

Hills and vineyards of Mazzon, South Tyrol, the cradle of Italian Pinot Noir. The system is the traditional double pergola for Gewürztraminer and Guyot for Pinot Noir. The soils are mainly of sandy clay, limestone, and stylites. The basement of the cellar is made of stone, since is built on the slope of a mountain, but you’ll notice know entering the cellar, dug into the rock, where the various layers of sedimentation create a very striking effect.

Highlights. An exceptional Pinot Noir and the cellar: immersed in the peace of Mazzon, out of the world. You look around and are only vineyards and rolling hills, feel the water of the fountain and the song of nature.

IGT Brunnenhof “EVA” in 2014

What are the best white wines in Italy? Gewurztraminer best bottles A white that manages to sum up all the complexity of the Mazzon soils. It shows an intense bouquet, fresh, very fine, made of green apple, lavender, anise, white peach with notes of sage that come and go. The wine harmony is touching, on the palate is smooth with an elegant, rocky finish.

Alto Adige Pinot Nero Riserva DOC 2011

Subtlety is the key word for this classic Pinot Noir from Mazzon. The color is ruby ​​transparent, crystalline. The nose is an alpine symphony that is sailing into the shadows of a wood: juniper, ground, eucalyptus, cypress and of course a number of small red berries. The palate is silky, lively with moss and ginger. Has peppery notes that illuminate the final stream of delicious fruits in alcohol. The tannins are soft, but firm, with licorice, tamarind and rhubarb to close in a long finish.

Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC 2013

Chef Heinz Beck recipes: carpaccio of red prawns with carbonara sauce           Perhaps the most successful wine, the one you didn’t expect. You will not find the usual overabundance of tropical scents, but rather the elegance of flowers, such as lavender, lily of the valley and rose water. The flavor is delicious, crispy, almost biting and is perfectly integrated with an acidity that makes the wine lively. In the mouth it moves with agility, balanced, sumptuous, with cedar returns, marzipan, candied orange, saffron, cinnamon. The finish is lingering, fading gently into dried fruit. With this nice acidity is not afraid of growing old: in a couple of years it will be even more complex and intriguing. Suggested food pairings: spaghetti with clams.

To buy wines, ask questions or visit Maso Brunnenhof:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0471 820687
Location Mazzon, via degli Alpini 5, 39044 (BZ)
Bottles: 25000
Hectares: 5
Winemaker: Kurt Rottensteiner

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