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Vermentino wine guide: all you need to know about a white wine salty like the sea

Vermentino wine, grape variety, characteristics, history and flavors, white wine Vermentino is one of the great Italian white wines, the wine that never disappoints you. There are excellent simple and very salty bottles like the sea for fish dishes, but there are also more complex and structured versions, which boast freshness and terrifying minerality.

Vermentino is the wine of the Tyrrhenian Sea, everything recalls this splendid sea and its rocky coasts: salt, the breeze, the Mediterranean scrub, the scent of citrus fruits, these are the flavors (and aromas) of Vermentino. A vine that has taken root in what we could call its Bermuda triangle that touches Sardinia, Liguria and Northern Tuscany.

Organoleptic characteristics of Vermentino: the perfumes

Vermentino has many faces, but only one identity. You will recognize it for the very intense, but not yet aromatic, bouquet, based on citrus fruits, white flowers, aromatic herbs such as thyme and basil and not too ripe yellow fruit. But above all, you will find the call of the sea inside this noble white wine.

What does Vermentino wine taste like?

On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, very fresh and with a structure that is not too heavy or too fat. Rather it is a structure that always comes from great flavor and not so much from alcohol, which is quite contained. The rhythm is fine, it moves with elegance and grace. And you will hardly find many super strong or sloppy wines since if it is matured too much the Vermentino becomes redundant and flabby when instead everyone tries to produce sharp and agile wines.

Production areas of Vermentino wine

Vermentino vineyards in Liguria, terraces, Cinque Terre wine tour, vineries For once, the DOCs really make the difference and the specifications are very strict and can guarantee good quality. In Liguria, Vermentino is at home almost everywhere, even if it is in the wild Colli di Luni, under La Spezia, near the border with Tuscany, which finds a fabulous microclimate, rocky soils and lots of love. Here Vermentino is left to mature a little more, just enough to gain thickness and golden color that hypnotizes.

A little further south, in Tuscany, we find the DOC Candia Colli Apuani, where Vermentino is interpreted with more lightness and ease: always elegant, but less structured. Excellent for appetizers and fried shellfish.

Vermentino di Gallura DOCG

And then we have the DOCG Vermentino di Gallura, one of the best Italian white wines. Even in Sardinia Vermentino is at home, but in the north-eastern tip of the island, it has found its paradise. It is an inhospitable land, there are no other crops apart from the vineyards, the Mistral whips the coast with ferocity, the soil is very poor, made of granite: only the vineyards can survive. And the fruits of these vineyards are full of salt that gives the wine superb finesse, unimaginable persistence, and crazy flavor, but also a lot of body. It is clear that with these extreme conditions, the vineyards produce little, but very well: on average no more than 3 kg per vine: imagine the concentration of flavors.

It must be produced with 95% Vermentino and many winemakers, in addition to a very clean and terse steel version, are experimenting with aging in wood to model and soften the salty taste of the wine and its bulk. If you have never tasted it, Vermentino di Capichera is a true work of art.

History of Vermentino

The origin of this noble grape variety is still debated, but we can find it also in Spain, France, and Corsica, where it is the most cultivated grape variety. Maybe it was born in Spain and then, passing through France, it arrived in Liguria and Sardinia or perhaps he made the reverse journey. It is a story yet to be written. Others think it came with the Arabs during the conquest of Spain, but what we really care about is where it took root and where it thrives. Drink Vermentino and you will be happier, it is a sunny wine!

Vermentino food pairings

Vermentino food pairings, what food goes well with white wine Vemrentino The lighter ones pair well with steamed fish, rice and peas and pasta with pesto, but with the beautiful salty and sharp ones, you can dare and combine strong dishes, white meats, crustaceans, salmon and fatty fish. Recommended dishes: pumpkin tortelli with sage and butter, spaghetti with clams, rice noodles with prawns and vegetables, sweet and sour pork, Vitello Tonnato, parmesan herb ravioli, risotto with truffle, spaghetti carbonara, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms.

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