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Vermouth Rosso Antica Torino tasting notes and review

Vermouth Rosso Antica Torino tasting notes and review, Best Italian wines The vermouth fever does not stop, in fact, we are in the eye of the storm with new bottles that come out every day.

And today we are going to speak about a great wine: Vermouth Rosso Antica Torino.

It is a very elegant and sumptuous sweet vermouth, refined, with rich hints of roots, licorice, and alpine herbs, but fabulous balance.

Its greatest virtue is moderate sweetness, it is not cloying and above all, this roundness in the mouth is not intrusive and never static, but well blended in the general structure of this vermouth.

Too often there is an unbalanced, awkward sweetness in red vermouth, disunited from the general body, put there just to keep everything together.

Instead in this Vermouth Rosso Antica Torino, the sweetness lurks in the background, acts as an altar for a range of delicious bitter flavors.

If you are looking for a firm and rigorous sweet vermouth you have found it. But let’s go to the tasting notes.

Vermouth Rosso Antica Torino bouquet

Italian aperitif with sweet vermouth. soda, ice lemon zest and orange It opens up with a sarabande of roots: cinchona calisaya bark, rhubarb, licorice, ginseng, which are joined by warm notes of spices and ripe but agile fruit. Long finish with echoes of orange peel. coriander and cinnamon.

What does Vermouth Rosso Antica Torino bouquet taste like?

Vermouth Antica Torino, tasting of the best Italian vermouths Dense and deep mouth, dictated by a pursuit of well-declined bitter and sweet flavors, integrated into a robust body, with an agile step that stings like a bee. The sweetness is there, it is caressing and it’s the ideal sidekick of a nice saltiness.

In conclusion, it is a complex, full-bodied vermouth, characterized by finesse, balance and a splendid persistence, but never difficult to decipher.

Vermouth Rosso Antica Torino price

27-30 euros: not cheap, but it is one of the best vermouths we have tasted in recent months.

What cocktails to prepare with Vermouth Rosso Antica Torino

First of neat with orange zest and soda. Then you can switch to a classic Americano, Negroni, Bronx, Gin and It, Negroni Sbagliato, Sweet Martini, Cocktail Martinez, Manhattan, Cocktail Khajuraho, Rob Roy, Boulevardier, Rob Roy, Blood, and Sand.

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