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Vermouth di Torino Storico Cocchi tasting note and review

Vermouth di Torino Storico Cocchi tasting note and review, flavors scents price Vermouth di Torino Storico Cocchi is a sweet wine with a complex and decadent flavor, which will appeal to those who love sumptuous drinks. The aromatic framework is rich: the scents envelop the nose relentlessly in a jumble of spices, herbs, flowers, and balsamic tones, but all is declined with a certain elegance. The trait is not fine and mysterious, but rather baroque: in da face style.

The recipe for preparing Cocchi Storico Turin vermouth is the classic one, or rather the historical one as the label also boasts. It starts from the base wine, caramelized sugar and alcohol are added to strengthen the wine and then all the “flavoring ingredients” such as mugwort and cinchona are infused. And although it is not handmade vermouth, it’s not bad at all.

Maybe it’s a little weighted by the sweetness and stylized, but overall it has momentum, rhythm and although there are several botanicals, it has a nice balance. This dive into the past, this grandiloquent interpretation of vermouth is appreciable and if there is a field in which you can dare it is precisely sweet vermouth, less rigorous and austere than the dry one.

The bouquet of Vermouth di Torino Storico Cocchi

The choice of the grape to use to produce this wine is classic. And we like it very much: it starts from Moscato, the king of aromatic vines. And consequently, also the structure and the range of aromas are impetuous: mugwort, cola, alpine herbs, mace, chocolate, cocoa. You will find infinite suggestions in this sweet vermouth and all follow a credible development, always balanced by a precious medicinal undertone that plays down the general sweetness. Impressive variety and very long finish of rhubarb and caramelized orange peel.

What does the Vermouth di Torino Storico Cocchi taste like?

In the mouth, it is a mirror of the nose: opulent, with overripe traits that border on Sherry, Marsala, but as mentioned there is no lack of structure and a certain freshness to keep the sip flowing and smooth. Thickness, persistence, and richness are all there. If you are looking for vermouth to drink with soda as an aperitif or for hearty cocktails like Negroni and similar, it is a good purchase.

What cocktail you should make with Vermouth di Torino Storico Cocchi

With this bold structure is the perfect companion of strong gins form making classic cocktail like Americano, Negroni, Bronx, Negroni Sbagliato, Manhattan, Boulevardier, Rob Roy.

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