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Vermouth di Torino rosso Montanaro tasting notes and review of a sweet vermouth made with Marsala and lots of love

Vermouth di Torino rosso Montanaro tasting notes and review, Marsala vermouth This Rosso di Montanaro Vermouth di Torino is good, indeed excellent, especially considering the sumptuous character and the price at which it is sold, really tempting.

It is a rich wine, with a decadent charm, where the nutty and oxidized notes, coming from the Marsala wine used for the base, gives great aromatic sumptuousness. In any case, this vermouth does not want to be pyrotechnic or too fancy.

It is an elegant sweet vermouth, full, but always well balanced in the contrasts between roundness, herbs, freshness, tannins and spicy notes. And with all these aromas and flavors, creating a rigorous product that is good on its own with just a splash of soda or for Negroni is not easy.

Many Spanish vermouths are produced using a good dose of Sherry for the base wine, so since we have a treasure like Marsala why not try it? And the Italian answer to the classic lush Spanish vermouth is this Rosso di Montanaro Vermouth di Torino, a bottle that should not be missing your vermouth collection.

The making of this fortified wine is classic, as required by the tradition of the Montanaro distilleries, which are located in the heart of Langhe, in Barolo. Alcohol, aloe, cinnamon, licorice, orange, gentian, cascarilla, and absinthe are added to a base of white wine and Marsala. It is left to macerate, then the wine is filtered. The result is a splendid symphony.

The bouquet of Rosso di Montanaro Vermouth di Torino

The variety and elegance are precious, each perfume is perfectly delineated and embedded in an oxidized skeleton, full of dried fruit and prunes in alcohol. The rhythm is contagious, it does not stop for a moment, it flows smoothly, among herbs, flowers, cinchona, roots, and candied citrus. Its greatest value is gracefulness: rich, but never static.

What does Rosso di Montanaro Vermouth di Torino taste like?

And this austerity returns to the palate, the phrasing between sweetness and freshness is titillating, it leaves no room for sugar, which is immediately played down by herbs and tannins. We liked it first of all for the courage, but also the rigor, the incredible cleanliness. Good structure, excellent drinkability, character and infinite layers of flavor to discover. To drink as an aperitif with lemon zest and soda is fabulous.

Sicily and Piedmont have never been so close.

Price of the Rosso di Montanaro Vermouth di Torino

15 euros. It wins the prize for the unbeatable quality/price ratio vermouth.

What cocktails to make with Rosso di Montanaro Vermouth di Torino

Americano, Negroni, Bronx, Negroni Sbagliato, Manhattan, Boulevardier, Rob Roy.

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