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Chazalettes vermouth extra dry tasting note and review of the best value for money Italian vermouth

Chazalettes vermouth extra dry tasting note, review the best value for money The extra dry vermouth of Chazalettes is a fortified wine of a certain charm, it is very fresh and herby. All is made with care: there is the right amount of spices, it’s harmonious and has great drinkability. It is not the classic pyrotechnic vermouth ready to fight with your palate, muscular and full of perfumes, indeed it stands out for its sobriety.

The advertising proclamations assure us that the recipe with which this extra dry vermouth of Chazalettes is made is 140 years old and almost seems credible as a hypothesis. There are not too many ingredients, we finally have found an extra dry vermouth excellent for making cocktails, also considering the very affordable price. You can find it at 14 euros, so the price is excellent.

We like ambitious vermouths, indeed they are one of the great treasures of the Italian wine culture, but lately, it had become a competition for those who made the strangest vermouth. And if it is true that you can find amazing vermouths that could finally rise to the title of great wine, sometimes finding simple and linear vermouths for making hectoliters of Americano drink is comforting.

Not that this extra dry Chazalettes vermouth is bland. No, it just doesn’t have fire in its veins. Drunk with soda and orange zest is good, not excellent, but in any case tasty, but above all, it is excellent for making legendary drinks like Martini Dry, Vesper, Tuxedo.

The bouquet of Chazalettes extra dry vermouth

Nose dominated by a graceful fruit of cedar, lemon and ginger, which is surrounded by sweet spices such as cinnamon and anise. Slight herbaceous and medicinal hints that sometimes return to embellish the bouquet. Everything is declined with simplicity and precision: in medium stat virtus.

What does Chazalettes extra dry vermouth taste like?

On the palate it is delicate, rightly dry, with a lovely fruity hint, even if citrus and herbs dictate the rhythm, giving cleanness and good freshness to the sip. It is not as sweet as it should be, but it is also not very spicy or too aggressive. Discreet variety, medium persistence. Tasty herbal finish.

The price of Chazalettes extra dry vermouth

14 euros: the price that a good extra dry vermouth should have.

Chazalettes extra dry vermouth food

It can be served as a light aperitif, but it is also worth trying with pasta dishes with mushrooms or porcini or onion soup. Dishes to match: pumpkin tortelli with valance, spaghetti with clams, rice noodles with prawns and vegetables, sweet and sour pork, veal with tuna sauce, parmesan herb ravioli, truffle risotto, spaghetti with carbonara, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms.

What cocktails to make with the Chazalettes extra dry vermouth

White Negroni, Vesper, Tuxedo, white sangria, Papageno cocktail, Bronx, Dry Martini.

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