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Champagne Pierre Brigandat brut rosé wine review: low price, great quality

Champagne Pierre Brigandat brut rosé wine review, food pairings The Champagne Pierre Brigandat brut rosé is a wine that does not look in the face of anyone, does not bend to fads or to pander dosage, but rather shows off all the pungent charm of Pinot Noir.

But as you well know Brigandat is first and foremost a winemaker, a real farmer and his wines have no frills or frivolities, but let’s go straight to review of this lovely pink Champagne!

This Champagne Pierre Brigandat brut rosé has a blend of 95% Pinot Noir and 5% Chardonnay, it is vinified and fermented in steel and then rests for three years in the bottle. The dosage is minimal.

The champagne Pierre Brigandat brut rosé bouquet

Ethereal nose, dominated by splendid floral aromas with elegant notes of rose, mint and citrus fruits. Undergrowth and mandarin make love. The tone is so pungent, but the tones are delicate, never overbearing, they open with great grace. The variety is good, but don’t expect the fireworks: it is a spartan Champagne that does not like make-up.

What does Champagne Pierre Brigandat brut rosé taste like

The perlage is fine on the palate and well-integrated into the structure, silky. It has plenty of freshness and aromatic volume, grace, well-articulated, but it is never too complex. On the other hand, it has incredible drinkability, crystalline growth and beautiful pulp. Nice savory finish with thyme and sage echoes.

Overall it is a wine that shuns stylizations, technicalities or exasperations, but has a commendable balance.

Champagne Pierre Brigandat brut rosé price

35 euros: an excellent price!

Champagne Pierre Brigandat brut rosé recommended food pairings

Ductile wine, suitable for a thousand combinations, from fish, to Thai food, comfort food, pasta, seafood lasagna and cannelloni with ricotta and spinach. Amazing with tuna and lobster.

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