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Champagne Brut Dom Perignon 2009 tasting notes and review of a legendary sparkling wine

Champagne Brut Dom Perignon 2009 tasting notes and review of a legendary sparkli Champagne Brut Dom Perignon 2009 is one of those wines for which it is possible to go crazy, but above all, it is the living demonstration that Champagne, the real one with a mineral thickness to the height, must refine in the bottle for years to reach the right aromatic maturity.

The vintage is 2009, a warm and sunny year that allowed the wine to reach a timely and stress-free maturation. Grapes that we remember for Champagne Brut Dom Perignon come from Grand Cru as regards Chardonnay and from Premier Cru Hautvillers and Vertus as regards Pinot Noir. Vinification in steel and then resting on the lees for 72 months.

The result is a Champagne of pure rock and silk, nectar that combines a decadent, mature and spicy touch with the dark character of Pinot Noir.

The bouquet of Champagne Brut Dom Perignon 2009

Grapefruit, mint, spices alternate creating a whirlwind of aromas, framed by hazelnuts, vanilla and the classic pastry returns of yeasts. Everything is emphasized by an airy marine note: it is like opening an oyster. Unique refinement and composure, everything is perfectly integrated into a fabulous harmony. Anise and pineapple finish.

The taste of Champagne Brut Dom Perignon 2009

The acidity is sidereal, the sapidity pungent, the citrus fruits are carved in the waves of the sea and the maturity of the yeasts is legendary. The salty progression is masterful, it innervates all the wine, it is always dynamic, but it is the pulp that gives relaxation to the sip. Although what makes it unique is that meaty tone that leaves a taste of powder, peach and hazelnuts, just oxidized, nutty, outrageously sensual. Infinite finish with amazing persistence.

At the moment it is perfectly balanced, brash in salinity, but evolved, ethereal and greedy. Let’s also say that it has reached its apogee. Perhaps it is not as broad and natural in development as the 2008 Champagne Brut Dom Perignon, and even less long-lived, but now is the time to drink it, otherwise, you risk blunting that spark of fiery freshness.

Price of Champagne Brut Dom Perignon 2009

150: a good investment.

Champagne Brut Dom Perignon 2009 food pairings

Champagne Brut Dom Perignon 2009 food pairings, pasta with mussels and beans Fish, Thai, Indian, Japanese cuisine, pasta, white meats, poultry, Mantuan pumpkin tortelli, spaghetti with clams, rice noodles with shrimps and vegetables, sweet and sour pork, veal with tuna sauce, ravioli with parmesan herbs, truffle risotto, spaghetti carbonara, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms.

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