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Brunello di Montalcino Fattoi 2012 tasting notes and review

Brunello di Montalcino Fattoi 2012 tasting notes and review, Italian best wines Brunello di Montalcino Fattoi 2012 is a wine with an impressive concentration of fruit, structured and very elegant, but decidedly dense, without compromise. The pulp is juicy, the extract is crazy and deep, the matter you find in the glass is great, but the wine is fine, already launched in a mature evolution, but never overripe, characterized by splendid ethereal notes.

The spices are kept, the wood has been used with great sensitivity, has modeled and smoothed all this thickness, helping the wine to evolve and mature those balsamic tones typical of Sangiovese, while not overriding its natural aromatic nervousness.

After a harvest of the best vineyards, obviously done by hand, maceration of 15-20 days and then a refinement of the substantial ones: 5 years, 4 in barrels and 1 in the bottle. After all, with so much thickness, an adequate and slow refinement was a must. This is a Brunello made of cloth, but also born to grow over the years. Drunk today it is still very fresh, balanced, but certainly, its most fascinating aromatic development is still far away at least 4 years. For now, the most vigorous components dominate, with the years it will be splendid.

The bouquet of Brunello di Montalcino Fattoi 2012

The aromas are well defined, precise: at first, the warm and enveloping fruity notes dominate, bay leaf, mint to give airiness, then the floral tones arrive, accompanied by intriguing balsamic suggestions and earthy finish, as befits a purebred Sangiovese. The stroke is elegant, never forced, despite the intensity being remarkable. Finish dried violets and very bitter cocoa.

The taste of Brunello di Montalcino Fattoi 2012

Tasty mouth defined by an acid vein that permeates all the wine, making it reactive and vibrant. It moves with grace, but power, certainly harmonious, but with a preponderance of the tannic-acid components. In the mouth, the earthy flavors, the sharp fruit, the mint and the violets make it a crystalline example of typicality and cleanliness. It is a great wine, a Brunello of substance, elegant, but made to defy the years. The persistence of the flavors of licorice and rhubarb in the finish are awesome.

A Brunello, which first of all is a great Sangiovese, interpreted with masterly firmness, adhering to the territory, but without a hint of fatigue or muscularity.

Recommended pairings for Brunello di Montalcino Fattoi 2012

It is a carnivorous wine, so pair it with stews, game, baked lasagna, truffle risotto, pulled pork, Argentine meat empanadas, burritos, polenta with meat sauce, grilled meat; fillet of beef with porcini mushrooms; Cheeseburger.

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