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Belsazar dry vermouth tasting notes and review: the best vermouth for Martinis?

Belsazar dry vermouth tasting notes, review, best vermouth for Martini cocktails The Belsazar dry vermouth is a great wine, a product that every cocktail lover should try at least once a week.

Paying homage to this flavored wine is not easy: it is docile and fine but sumptuous, subtle, multifaceted, not the classic drink and forget vermouth.

Considering that we are writing a sort of product review, we should be more objective and less enthusiastic, but why not say it clearly that this bottle deserves to be tasted? It’s a really nice wine!

Organoleptic characteristics of dry Belsazar vermouth

Let’s start with the bouquet: clean, but seductive with aromas of sugared almonds, alpine herbs, and endless rinds. Everything is manifested with delicacy, marked by irresistible herbaceous returns.

What does the dry Belsazar vermouth taste like?

On the palate, it is compact, delicate, mottled with bitter references of root, flowers, peel, and spices. Balanced and with good rhythm, never weighed down, never too difficult or redundant, splendid in its bitter finish.

Let’s say that served neat as an aperitif it is very interesting. After all, it is still wine, flavored but always a wine conceptually…

Is it the best dry vermouth for making your Martini cocktails? Maybe not the best, but for sure one of the best 5 dry vermouth you can buy.

Cost of Belsazar dry vermouth

The 0.75 bottle costs 25-30 euros, not cheap, but any self-respecting bartender should proudly show it among its jewels.

Recommended cocktails for Belsazar vermouth

Given its elegant nature, use it for classic dry cocktails like Dry Martini, Vesper or even better Tuxedo because of the presence of absinthe among its ingredients. But it is not to be despised even for a dear old good white sangria, to add a fine touch.

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