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Barolo Ornato 2012 Palladino tasting notes: a great wine with a reasonable price

Barolo Ornato 2012 Palladino tasting notes, Barolo review, price, flavors The Barolo Ornato 2012 Palladino is a traditional wine, made the old fashioned way. It’s a strong punch me in the face Barolo: it has a lot of substance and extract, massive tannins, but the trait is fine, well-refined by a long big cask aging.

The result of all these efforts is a splendid wine for frankness and austerity because it does not want to be trendy or soft, but it is simply a portrait of the territory, of a patch of land set among the hills of Serralunga d ‘Alba.

The Ornate Barolo 2012 Palladino was born in this corner of the Langhe, at 350 meters of altitude, from calcareous soils, with the vineyards obviously exposed to the south. The vinification method is classic, long maceration, fermentation in steel and aging in large barrels for 24 months.

2012 Barolo Ornato Palladino bouquet

A severe nose that opens with fruit under spirit suggestions: berries, raspberries, lacquer, and then earth, earth, and earth. The hints of rhubarb, licorice, truffle, and leaves are intriguing, punctuated with finesse. Herbal and china tones to close on sunny memories of orange. Overall it is clean, varied and well designed. Evolution already in progression, however still a bit closed. The next day it improves considerably, so you can uncork it also the day before the tasting-dinner-bbq party.

What does the 2012 Barolo Ornato Palladino taste like?

In the mouth is rightly bitter, full-bodied, wide-ranging in the aromatic spectrum. Savory tasty vein, tannic touch that has no mercy and great structure. We have tasted the 2012 vintage and it is still young, not rough, but full of suggestions that, although they are already orderly and well defined, still lack the ideal balance. And this is actually a virtue, it means that the wine has many years ahead of it and since we are talking about a great Barolo you know that it is always an investment for the future. Of course you can drink it even now, however, its ethereal charm is opening up now. Give it 5 years and it will be perfect. 10 will be legendary.

How much does the Ornate Barolo 2012 Palladino cost?

40 euros: one of the most affordable Barolo you can find in Serralunga d’Alba.

Barolo Ornato 2012 Palladino food pairings
This is a structured wine that is not afraid of anything, uncork it to make great again your BBQ party or to pair it with a pulled pork, brisket, ribs with bbq sauce, burgers with melted Brie.

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