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Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 tasting notes: born to be great

Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 tasting notes and review The Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 is an amazing wine, a full-bodied Nebbiolo, vinified without compromise, not yet fully ripe, but certainly to buy and put in the cellar.

Talking about a wine of this caliber, but still so young, is a thorny issue: at the moment it is very robust, full, the tannins are vigorous and fill the mouth with opulence, certainly everything is played with great cleanliness and elegance, but the true “Barolo magic” has yet to come out. For now, the tones are still too fruity, it is very warm and enveloping, but its evolution is beginning now. The ethereal tones, the earthy aromas are barely sketched, the balsamic flavors are peeping into a sea of ​​ripe fruit.

In short, drinking it now is a crime against Nebbiolo, but if you buy a Barolo Sandrone you already know that. His wines are born to challenge the decades, they are never ready before 10 years of life since extract and tannins are of remarkable intensity. Greatness is already written in its DNA, but it needs to smooth out some tannic edges and transform all this stormy intensity into finesse.

As you well know the approach of the Sandrone winery is very respectful, non-interventionist, but aims to enhance typicality, austerity and tannic power. A power that will allow the wine to age and develop ethereal tones and the so-called tertiary notes. So do not expect a “round”, opulent, decadent or wine tamed by the barrique. This Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 hits hard and goes straight to the point. Which translated means that there are no softness, complacent stylizations, but plenty of bitter extract, body, balsamic flavors and a series of earthy perfumes declined with crystalline elegance.

Honestly of the many 2013 Barolos that we have tasted lately this is the darkest, the one still not completely formed, it has a balance still in progress, but it is not a defect, rather it is only juvenile exuberance. Give this bottle 5 more years and it will begin to open up to a magnificent evolution. After all, it’s just a 2013 Barolo, just put on the market: 6 years for a Barolo of this caliber is nothing.

How is the Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 made?

From the healthy (no synthetic products) grapes of the best cru of the Luciano Sandrone winery in Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Novello and Serralunga d’Alba, which are pressed and vinified only using autochthonous yeasts. The aging is obviously respectful, in large 500-liter barrels and lasts 30 months. The rest is legend and we can easily preserve this wine for our children to celebrate the birth of their children.

Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 bouquet

Straight, charming, dark and somewhat introverted. Violets and raspberries, under spirit blackberries, truffles, a touch of musk, tea and never-ending licorice. The herbaceous suggestions are delicate and frame a splendid fruity depth.

What does the Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 taste like?

Tense, voluminous mouth, where the earthy flavors of roots, licorice, and rhubarb are mixed with a sober evolved fruit, mottled with a herbaceous memory. The tannic progression is engaging, the richness is entwining and imaginative: it is a wine that has so much to give. Perhaps it is not yet balanced: it’s ready but it is not at its peak, the tertiary development is unripe, but the thickness and the overall quality are indisputable. Five more years and we will have a masterpiece in our glasses.

Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 food pairings

Barolo Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 2013 suggested food pairings With these tannins and this structure it is a carnivorous wine, so look for succulence and fats: fillet with green pepper, truffle or grilled meat, pulled pork, brisket, ribs with bbq sauce, burgers with melted Brie.

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