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Valpolicella, vineyards with Corvina Rondinella Molinara, Amarone Valpolicella. From latin "Vallis polis cellae" which means valley of many cellars

We’re getting serious here. The people of Veneto are formidable drinkers, and the reason for this lies in the relationship between land and wine, which finds echoes in art and taste: Venice and Prosecco, Verona and Amarone, Vicenza and its Garganega grapes, Padua and the wines from the Colli Euganei.

Every terroir provides each of its creations with distinctive traits, almost the brands of veritable masterpieces. This quality is the effect of the industriousness of the people and of the virtues of such a diverse land.

Venazia view. The best Italian pictures of art. San Marco. Waves and boats Venice Take Venice, the Utopian city. It seems to float on water or to be bound to sink into it at any moment, yet it boldly continues to fight the waves. It doesn’t budge, and presents itself in all its splendor, inviting you to explore its every calle, every corner, every art collection. You may be able to reach a small square, unexplored by tourists, which reveals the true face of the city, decadent and sincere. You can find a place to sit at a bar and order an ombra as a true Venetian would, and accompany the wine with cicchetti, delicious snacks offered with the aperitivo.

Vineyards around Valdobbiadene city. Autumn colors. Veneto wine and travel guide Somewhere around Valdobbiadene The Prosecco is as sincere as its city. Airy, with a refined architecture that unravels over many islands of taste, lost in a refreshing sea of bubbles that invite you to a serene contemplation. The Prosecco was born to amaze.

Verona, powerful and proud, is surrounded by the green valley of the Adige and so full of treasures that it had to bestow some of them on the surrounding hills. Anywhere you are in Verona you will never feel constricted. The buildings, the House of Juliet, the churches, the towers, the Roman bridges and the Arena are all perfectly connected within the broader fabric of the city, which has made the preservation of monuments and the tranquillity of the people its priorities. The center is immense, clean, marked by bright streets full of shops, museums and classy restaurants, for those who like to take a tasty break.

The Amarone is at home here. Its quintessential opulence is balanced with echoes of spices and balsamic aromas, which give this wine a very elegant and persistent structure. The Amarone is produced using the best clusters from late harvest placed on fruit-drying racks called arele, in a way that concentrates sugars and flavors. You’ll find yourself capturing the smells of the glass even after the wine is gone, and you’ll enjoy discovering hints of fruit and plum jam.

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  • Tamellini winery

    Garganega vineyards. Visit the cellar and walks through the vineyards of Soave.

    26 hectares in the hills of Soave, all planted with Garganega: this is the reality of Tamellini cellar, a place where tradition, passion for their land and history come together to give birth to a beautiful landscape, but above all with great wines.

    Since the time of the Gauls and the Romans the hills around Soave are considered a highly suitable area, thanks to the peculiar composition of volcanic origin soil and mild climate, cooled by currents coming from Lake Garda.

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  • Roberto Mazzi winery

    Olie trees and vines in Valpolicella.Wine tours in Valpolicella: Amarone tasting

    Roberto Mazzi Winery is a historic winery of Negrar, in the heart of Valpolicella, producing wines of great quality since 1958. Today at the helm of the winery we have Antonio and Stefano, very attentive to the care of the vineyard, which consists of 8 hectares, because if it is true that wine is made in the vineyard, this is even more true for Amarone and Recioto della Valpolicella. Two wines that you will find only here, sons of a terroir and unique conditions in the world.

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