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Photo of Tuscan vineyard in the fall. Guide to the best Tuscan wines & wineries. Tuscan vineyard in the fall Speaking of Tuscany, it’s too easy to fall for clichés. It can’t be true, it’s all too perfect, and that’s how the myth is born, and so is the temptation to travel to those lands where life is a fairy tale and there is no other worry than that of choosing what new pleasure will distract us next.

What shall we do today? Shall we visit a castle in Chianti and let ourselves be carried away by the ecstasy of its wine cellar? Shall we ride wildly through the Maremma’s hills with the Butteri?

Shall we let the magnificence of Santa Maria Novella overwhelm us, until our deepest self is lost in its perfect forms and becomes part of something divine? Tuscany will not spare you opportunities to quench your thirst of beauty and blissfulness.

Tuscany awaits you with its excellent wines and some of Italy’s best culinary masterpieces, as well as treasure like cities that guard architectural marvels worthy of being visited at least once in a lifetime.

Tuscany countryside colors, fall foliage leaves and colors. moorland red trees A postcard from Tuscany Go beyond the touristy appearance and discover the lively landscape and its many peaceful corners. What Tuscany offers is its soul, imbued with history and traditions and its living art, whatever the subject at hand may be: food, wine, sculpture, poetry.

The keywords we suggest are: Florence, Michelangelo, Brunello & Brunelleschi, finocchiona (a salami seasoned with fennel seeds and garlic—it will make you dream), Siena, Boccaccio, Donatello, pici (a kind of thicker udon, served with a ragù of meat and red wine), pecorino … While we could go on forever, our advice is to come to Tuscany and get to know all this in person.

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