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Sangiovese wine guide: grape, history and organoleptic characteristics – Photo credits

Sangiovese vineyards, Cinciole winery, Panzano in Chianti. Sangiovese wine guide
Photo courtesy Cinciole winery
Learn about Sangiovese wine, how to pair it with food. Sangiovese Report
Photo courtesy Wine Dharma
Pian del Ciampolo, Sangiovese made with the old recipe of Bettino Ricasoli.
Photo courtesy Wine Dharma
Sangiovese grape history, let's learn all that you can about this great wine!
Photo courtesy Wine Dharma
What food goes best with Sangiovese? Let's do some pairings with this great red!
Photo courtesy Wine Dharma
Sangiovese grape variety and wine: origin, history, characteristics. Sangiovese.
Photo courtesy G.hostbuster
A bunch of Sangiovese. Sangiovese grape and wine characteristics and history.
Photo courtesy Wine Dharma
Cherries, Sangiovese wine guide: scents, aromas bouquet. Sangiovese taste
Photo courtesy Dino Abatzidis
Vineyards in Tuscany, Montalcino, Biondi Santy winery grapes vineyards
Photo courtesy Biondi Santi
Sangiovese grape, Sangiovese taste and vineyards in Montalcino. Argiano
Photo courtesy Francesco Monari
Glass of Sangiovese wine, all you need to know about the best Italian red wines
Photo courtesy Wine Dharma