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Wineries in Veneto

  • Graziano Prà winery review

    Graziano Prà winery review, Vineyards and vineyards of the Soave green hills

    Graziano Prà winery review: wine tasting, photos, information about all the wines, philosophy and how to visit one of the best Soave winery

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  • Guide to Italy's best wineries in Veneto: Corte Sant'Alda winery

    Guide to Italy's best wineries in Veneto: Corte Sant'Alda winery

    Find wines and information about Corte Sant’Alda winery, including history, maps, photos, and reviews about the Corte Sant’Alda wines

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  • Roberto Mazzi winery

    Olie trees and vines in Valpolicella.Wine tours in Valpolicella: Amarone tasting

    Roberto Mazzi Winery is a historic winery of Negrar, in the heart of Valpolicella, producing wines of great quality since 1958. Today at the helm of the winery we have Antonio and Stefano, very attentive to the care of the vineyard, which consists of 8 hectares, because if it is true that wine is made in the vineyard, this is even more true for Amarone and Recioto della Valpolicella. Two wines that you will find only here, sons of a terroir and unique conditions in the world.

    Philosophy of Roberto Mazzi Winery

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  • Tamellini winery

    Garganega vineyards. Visit the cellar and walks through the vineyards of Soave.

    26 hectares in the hills of Soave, all planted with Garganega: this is the reality of Tamellini cellar, a place where tradition, passion for their land and history come together to give birth to a beautiful landscape, but above all with great wines.

    Since the time of the Gauls and the Romans the hills around Soave are considered a highly suitable area, thanks to the peculiar composition of volcanic origin soil and mild climate, cooled by currents coming from Lake Garda.

    Philosophy of Tamellini cellar

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