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Wine Dharma

Wineries in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

  • Brunnenhof winery

    Dolomites, guide to the best wineries in Italy, South Tyrol, Alto Adige wineries

    Mazzon is a small village with few houses and is part of the town of Neumarkt, but, though small, is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. With less than a hundred inhabitants and its eighty hectares of vineyards, it’s the home of some great Pinot Noir and we are not talking only of South Tyrol, but of all Italy.

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  • Dornach winery

    Vineyards in Trentino Alto Adige: Salorno. Guide to the best Italian wineries.

    Find wines and information about Patrick Uccelli’s winery, including history, maps, photos, and reviews. Trentino Alto Adige guide wine.

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  • Francesco Poli winery and distillery

    Find and buy wines and grappas of Francesco Poli winery distilley. Review.

    Santa Massenza is a small town located on the edge of the homonymous lake, an oasis of peace where time has stopped. Imagine a valley surrounded by imposing mountains, where lakes and vineyards alternate themselves creating a landscape somewhere between the Alps and the Mediterranean, with the ridges of rock filled with flowers that are reflected in the sparkling waters.

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  • Martin Teusch winery

    Wines, information, philosophy and review about Martin Teusch's winery

    Find wines and information about Martin Teusch’s winery, including history, maps, photos, and reviews. Trentino Alto Adige guide wine.

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  • Maso Bellaveder winery

    Cantina Bellaveder, degustazione e commento dei vini, info e visite in cantina.

    All you need to know about Maso Bellaveder winery: wine review, tasting notes, pics and info.

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  • Redondel winery

    Scheda analitica, prezzi e acquisto dei vini della cantina Redondel. Trento.

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