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Guide to Italy's best wineries in Emilia Romagna: Gallegati winery – Photo credits

Wine and Winery review of Gallegati winery, info, mail, prices: wine guide
Photo courtesy Gallegati brothers
A Guide to Italy's best wineries Emilia Romagna, Vineyards of Gallegati winery
Photo courtesy Gallegati Brothers
Corallo Nero Sangiovese tasting notes and review, Sangiovese di Romagna
Photo courtesy Wine Dharma
Barbecue cutlets paired with Cabernet Sauvignon from Romagna. Perfect match!
Photo courtesy Michael T.
Chardonnay Corallo Bianco food pairings sausage pizza with peppers
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Albana Passito food pairings. Neapolitan sweet Baba, what to pair with Baba cake
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