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Lambrusco: 8 things that will make you love the wine of Matilda of Tuscany – Photo credits

Visiting the best Lambrusco wineries in Emilia Romagna. Emilia wines and castles
Photo courtesy Ca Berti
Casks for vinegar.How to visit a traditional balsamic vinegar producer in Modena
Photo courtesy Cantina Reggiana
Lambrusco grapes. Guided Wine and Vinegar tastings in Modena & Reggio Emilia.
Photo courtesy Pederzana
Castelvetro medieval village. Lambrusco Grasparossa homeland. Lambrusco story.
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Hamburger, Buffalo spicy wings, chicken, fish. Which wine goes best? Lambrusco!
Photo courtesy Renée S
Tigelle, crescente, modenesi. Delicious with Prosciutto (ham) of Parma-Modena
Photo courtesy Emilia Romagna Turismo