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In search of the Amarone: a four-day wine tour in Valpolicella

Vineyards in Valpolicella. Do you want to visit the best Amarone wineries? Vineyards in Valpolicella A long week end to discover all about one of the greatest wine of Italy: the Amarone. A historic hotel in the center of Verona will be our base of operations, from which we will take off to visit five of the best wineries in the area: all boasting superb productions, from the greatest Valpolicella’s cru.


Day 1

Mezzano,a top notch wine from Serego Alighieri Masi winery, Amarone Valpolicella Mezzano, from the Masi-Serego Alighieri winery, is a top notch Amarone della Valpolicella Our Amarone wine tour starts from the Serego Alighieri-Masi Winery. A dream estate with amazing vineyards and lush gardens in Renaissance style. The wines are intense and balanced, but the real masterpieces to be reckoned with are Mazzano and Campolongo di Torbe, extremely limited productions with pyrotechnic qualities, witnesses of great terroirs. In the afternoon we can relax ourselves with a walking through the vineyards or playing some golf; for those who want there are cooking lessons to do and then, after coming back to Verona, dinner with paired wines.

Day 2

Amarone drying chambers. How to visit the must visit wineries in Valpolicella! Amarone is produced in special drying chambers and the grapes are cut and put on the "arele" In the morning is scheduled a tour of Verona to enjoy its artistic heritage, then visit at Aldegheri Winery, which doesn’t need any introduction, their wines are massive and luxuriously rich, with plenty of dark, bursting spices emerging from a sea of mashed plums. After the wine tasting tour we will have lunch in a typical restaurant to taste the local cuisine.

In the afternoon we will move on the hills of Mezzane. Corte Sant’Alda Winery. A (bio)dynamic and courageous winery that has embraced the organic faith with conviction, motivated by an aesthetic philosophy without frills, to be able to give back wines without technological and chemical contaminations. They are, compared to the previous Amarone, fresher, with a sharp fruit, marked by a very persuasive spicy tone. In the afternoon-evening free time in Verona.

Day 3

A wine holiday in Valpolicella you will never forget. Let's visit some wineries! Luscious vineyards and ancient olive trees Today it’s gonna be a glorious day: our Amarone expedition will start from the Mazzi Winery. Beautiful and hospitable, with a range of excellent wines that we are going to taste under the ancient vaults of the cellar, which houses an amazing barricaia (set of barrels). We will have the privilege to taste two compelling wine coming from small cru, Castel and Villa: herby and licorice driven, they evoke deep suggestions of coriander, vanilla and plum tart.

But the real surprise is the simplest wine, the Valpolicella called Pojega, one of the best of the class, reinforced by a slight drying of the grapes, which gives great depth to the wine. We won’t miss the Beef Stew slowly cooked in the Amarone and a delicious sweet wine: Recioto della Valpolicella. Cooking lesson included to learn about the delicious Veneto recipes.

Do you want to visit Quintarelli winery in Valpolicella? Call us for your tour! More then bottles these are little gems In the afternoon visit at Quintarelli Winery. Finally we have reached the source of the Amarone: we can quench our thirst once for all. Pure bliss, wine nirvana, a simple epiphany about ferment grape juice, all we can say is that this wine is a perfect alchemy of consistency, freshness, warmth and spice mantra following each other, layer by layer, always with new revelations and a shocking creaminess to offer. The intuition of Quintarelli, born from the need to give royal dignity to the Amarone grape, has become a law carved into the rock. Then we will take a tour of Lasizie, a delightful town near Garda lake, and we will have the opportunity to try the famous thermal bath of Calà and then take an aperitivo in front of the lake, before dinner.

Day 4

End of the tour. If you like, it’s possible to extend your journey with additional days focused on Bardolino, Valpolicella, Soave and Prosecco, which are all quite handy. This is a heavy Amarone tour de force, if you prefer a more relaxed-cultural approach, do not hesitate to contact us.

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